Tips On Choosing A Beautiful Eternity Ring

eternity ring

If it is coming up to a special anniversary or you have another celebration such as the birth of a child, an eternity ring is a perfect gift for the one that you love. There is a lot of choices to choose from with eternity rings coming in lots of shapes and sizes, as well as being made from different metals and containing different precious stones. You can see a selection of the various styles of eternity ring that are popular on the website to give you an idea of your choices ahead. Before you go out and buy an eternity ring though, you will have various factors to consider first.

Work Out A Budget

It is a lot easier to go shopping for jewellery when you have a budget to work to, and you make sure that you stick to it. Decide on how much you want to spend on your ring and also take a look at the different styles and try to work out your preferences.

Choosing Your Diamond

The first place you should start when looking for an eternity ring for yourself or your partner is the diamond. The size and the cut of the diamond will have an overall effect on the shape and style of the ring, and of course, the size will also affect the price. It is always worth your time to do some research on the different qualities of diamonds such as the cut, and there is a wealth of free information available on the Gemological Institute of America website.

Choosing The Width Of Your Eternity Ring

Another important factor that you will need to consider is the width of the ring that you want. You usually find that the wider the ring, the bigger the diamond, so the width is also influenced by the budget that you have available. There are also other factors that you need to think about such as the setting that you want for the diamond, and when you have an idea of what it is that you want, it is time to start shopping.

Shopping For Your Dream Ring

There are many options available when shopping for eternity rings in the UK, and the best place to start looking is from the comfort of your home. There is no need to leave the house as you can surf the internet and take a look at all of the different eternity rings that are available. You will want to take a look at review websites such as Trust Pilot to help find reliable and trustworthy jewellers in your local area and make a shortlist of companies to contact. Contact each of the businesses and explain what it is that you want and see what they have to offer.

Take your time in deciding and compare each of the companies carefully, before making your choice. When you are ready and have decided on your perfect eternity ring, you can make your purchase and show your other half just how special they are to your life.

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Modest fashion trends to adopt in Summer 2017

The world of fashion is constantly in flux; something that is in vogue one year is unlikely to be so well loved the next. However, there’s a few things in fashion that are just timeless. So, as you begin assembling your Spring wardrobe, it’s worth thinking about the following trends to make sure you’re looking and feeling great all the way through to summer. Follow these basic steps, and your Spring/Summer wardrobe will be brilliant in no time.  



Graphic prints

Why stick to block colour when you can pick clothes with great patterns? And what better time to show off your bold fashion sense than the Spring and Summer? Floral prints and patterns are in vogue at the moment, as are marbled patterns. What better way to celebrate the flowers sprouting back up than to wear a few of them on your hijab or dress? If flowers aren’t your thing though, there’s a whole world of patterned modestwear out there for you to try. If you’re looking for some inspiration, take a look here.


Shades of summer

As the weather starts to brighten, and the days start to get warmer, it’s time for your wardrobe to get lighter. Lighter in shade, that is.  If you don’t have any already, you’ll be glad to know that there’s plenty of choices of colours out there, so you can pick what suits you best. That’s probably the best thing about pastel colours; they’re versatile enough for you to express yourself, without being too overbearing or loud. Depending on the fabric you choose, pastel colours will be suitable for a wide array of occasions too. Whether you’re looking for something for work, something for leisure, or something for everyday use, pastel colours are a safe bet.


Smart shirts

Just because the sun is out doesn’t mean you get to stop going to work, unfortunately! Because of this, you need to make sure you’ve got smart clothing in your wardrobe that looks the part in a professional environment. Smart tops and blouses in pale or pastel colours are exactly what you need, and many are available in a fabric that will be suitable in the summer months. To this end, make sure to buy items that are thin and airy enough to be comfortable when the temperatures really hit their peak.


Spring and summer materials

If you only take one thing away from this article, make sure it’s this; material thickness is very important. Make sure your wardrobe has a variance of a few different material thicknesses, the thickest for winter and the thinnest for the summer heatwave. Being lumbered with thick clothing in the summer months can be quite uncomfortable, and you’re never going to look and feel your best when you feel uncomfortable. Linen based materials are a great choice for the hotter months, and will provide some respite from the heat!


Inayah are an online fashion boutique, specialising in modest fashion. They stock hundreds of items in a variety of sizes to suit a vast array of styles:


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Adding Some Extra Glamour to Your Look

Do you feel like your look could do with something more? Maybe what you’re lacking is that little bit of glamour that can make all the difference. Here’s how you can easily add that to your overall look.

Silk Scarves

There are few things in this world more glamorous and elegant than a good silk scarf. It’s such a simple touch to add to your style, but it makes such a huge difference. They turn a drab outfit into something that looks fit for royalty. That old-school elegance can be hard to achieve, so take this opportunity to achieve it! It just goes to show that not every glamorous change you can make to your style has to break the bank. It’s really cheap to buy a couple of silk scarves, but you’ll get plenty of value for your money.

Choose the Right Necklace

The necklaces you choose to wear have a big impact on how glamorous your outfit looks as a whole. An obvious choice of necklace is a pearl one. It’s a timeless piece of jewellery that never fails to add some essential glamour to what you’re wearing. But that doesn’t mean that this is the only type of necklace that can make you look and feel more glamorous. Gold necklaces can be just as good at doing that job. See what you can find at Chain Me Up if you’re looking for the right gold necklace.

Bright Patterns and Prints

Sometimes, the best way to be glamorous is to stand out from the crowd and be daring. This is what fashion is all about, so make sure you’re not afraid to try new things with bright colours and prints. Those experiments you try out with things you wouldn’t ordinarily think of wearing might turn out to be the best fashion decisions you make. With spring now approaching us, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about trying new things with colours and floral prints. Don’t hold back when trying new things.

Diamond Earrings

There’s no doubt about it; diamonds offer you some instant glamour. It’s impossible not to look glamorous with a pair of stylish diamond earrings hanging from your ears. And if you can’t afford the real thing, that doesn’t matter much either. There are lots of replica diamond earrings that look the same, and, therefore, they offer the same touch of glamour that you’re looking for. If you can’t tell the difference between them and the real deal, then no one else will be able to either.

Sunglasses and Hats for Summer

Summer is not that far away, and it’s a season that offers you lots of opportunities to add style to the way you look. The key to looking glamorous during the summer months is to dress in a way that suits the season and use classic fashion ideas. For example, some oversized sunglasses look great and glamorous on a warm summer’s day. And these can be combined with a floppy hat. They look incredibly stylish and can really help to finish off your summer outfit. Give it a try.


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Trendy Lifestyle Necessities You Need

I think it’s important to make sure that we all have vital lifestyle accessories. Things we use on a daily basis that just make life so much simpler. And I feel like we need to make sure we upgrade these accessories as often as we can. Not only is it useful to have the latest and greatest of something, but it also looks great as well.

Many of these accessories double up as fashion accessories, as well as being practical. So it’s important to make sure you upgrade them as often as you can. Here are some of my suggestions for things you have to make sure you upgrade as much as you can.


Now, ladies, we’ve all been with guys who’ve had ghastly wallets in the past. I know I certainly have, and it can be cringe worthy when they pull them out. I had a boyfriend once who had one of those awful velcro wallets, so I had to buy him a new one from Shinola. Anyway, my point is that purses are a similar thing. It’s important to make sure that we have trendy and practical purses. They need to be able to hold our cash and cards when we go shopping. But they should also be the right size for a clutch or handbag. There are a lot of purses we can choose from out there, so make sure you make the right choice.


Take it from me girls; sunglasses are one of the most essential accessories you can own. They might not seem it, but they matter a lot. See, sunglasses serve several purposes. Yes, they are predominantly to shield your eyes from the sun. But, if you get the right pair they can also double up as a wonderful fashion statement. The right pair of sunglasses can make you look cool and sexy at the same time. They can even complement a huge array of outfits that you might consider wearing. Make sure you take the time to choose the perfect pair of sunglasses like I do!

Car Keys

Yes, believe it or not, car keys are also a necessity in life. And you can upgrade the keys and the keychain on a regular basis. You want to go for something striking and unique so you can tell it’s yours. Many car keys these days are available in an array of designs and sizes, and it may well depend on your car. Car keys are an important part of your lifestyle as you need them to access your car. But, it’s also worth making sure they look good on the end of a key chain.


As ladies, when we think about lifestyle and fashion, we probably don’t give much thought to sneakers. We think about must have fashion staples like the little black dress, or our favourite heels. But, it’s important to upgrade your sneakers. These are your comfortable shoes, and the ones you wear for working out. So it’s time to make sure you have the newest and comfiest pair on the market. It’s important to look good and feel comfortable when you wear your sneakers. And that’s why you need to upgrade and have the newest pairs on the market.

These are just some of the trendy lifestyle necessities that I think you should be upgrading. They are all things that play a large role in our lives. And they are accessories we use almost every day or week. So you need to do what you can to get the best possible outcome and help improve your life.


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Amazing Fashion Inspiration from Around the World

I’ve always been fascinated by different fashion trends around the world. What might be the height of style in one place can seem utterly bizarre somewhere else. However, there are plenty of locations across the globe that are perfect for fashion inspiration. By adding different cultures trends to your wardrobe, you can expand your style in an entirely unique way. Here’s some incredible fashion inspiration from around the world.

JFIB2013 - 57
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The women of Japan know how to dress! The trends here are so quirky that they’ve actually become a whole new style in themselves. Japanese pop culture is a heavy influence on much of the western world, so why not incorporate it into your style? In this country, it’s all about having fun with your clothes. Dressing to show off your playful side. Pastel hair, frilly sleeves, puffy skirts and long socks. Just picture your favourite character from any anime TV series and you’ve got it. You can easily take some inspiration from this girly look and add it to your wardrobe.


Traditional German dress is an awesome trend that I think more people should embrace! If you’ve ever been to Oktoberfest, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. You’ll also see this popular trend all over Austria and some Scandinavian countries. It’s quite simple to pull off. All you need is a bodice, skirt, blouse and apron. It may not be something you want to wear shopping on a daily basis, but you can include this layered look in most outfits. It’s the buxom babe attitude that really finishes this trend off, however.

Image credit: Esmar Abdul Hamid –

Middle East

There’s something truly special about Middle Eastern fashion; that’s becoming more popular by the day. Much of the trends centre around Islamic clothing, which means dressing modestly. However, women are now looking for ways they can dress this style up. Hijabs and head coverings have become popular with fashionistas and celebrities around the world. To pull this look off, you simply need to dress in a modest way. Which I think makes a nice change from the mini skirts we see every summer.


Now Russian women know what they’re doing when it comes to fashion! Admittedly, you probably want to wait until winter before you try and pull this trend off. After all, much of the look is centred around fur (faux, please!) coats and hats. There’s something that just makes me feel all warm and cosy about seeing a Russian woman dressed up. Go full on Bond Girl with a cocktail dress and faux fur shawl, for your evenings out on the town.


If you’ve ever seen a Bollywood film, then you’ll know that fashion in India is a big deal. The women in these films look absolutely stunning in their saris and jewellery. You’ll also find this kind of fashion in places like Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. If you’ve got the guts, go all out and wear a sari. You’ll look and feel fabulous! If you’re a bit nervous, simply bling up the clothes you’ve already got. Bollywood is all about the bling.

Who knew you could get fashion inspiration from so many different countries? Add a little bit of these cultures to your wardrobe and see how it can transform your look.



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