4 of the Best Starter Smartphones for Your Tween or Teen

After months or years of impassioned arguments, your tween or teen has managed to convince you that he or she needs a smartphone. While you are not super excited to hand your 12-year-old a breakable mobile phone that is worth hundreds of dollars, you do recognize that your kiddo needs an easy and reliable way to reach you.

Preteen Girl with Cell Phone
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However, agreeing to buy your teen or tween a phone does not mean you have to break the bank. The following makes and models are great starter smartphones for youthful first-time owners:

Galaxy S7 Edge

If your tween tends to be a bit on the careless side, a Galaxy S7 Edge phone is a great option. The smartphone is water- and dust-resistant, which means that a brief dunk in H2O won’t ruin the phone. It also boasts the advanced technology that kids love, including a high-end camera that is perfect for selfies and VR technology. The battery offers 36 hours of talk time, so you can reach your teen when needed.

Kurio Phone

Digital Trends lists the Kurio Phone as one of the best cellphones for kids, and for good reason. The smartphone features a GPS monitoring system that helps you know where your tween is, and it has a kid-friendly web surfing feature so you don’t have to worry about your youngin’ stumbling across adult websites on the internet. The phone costs an affordable $90 and comes with 25 pre-installed apps. If your child tends to lose things more than you would like or you are worried about him or her breaking an expensive smartphone, a Kurio is a modern-day smartphone that comes at a cost that won’t break the bank.

Moto E 2

The Android Moto E 2 phone from Motorola is another starter phone for tweens and teens. Like the Kurio, it has a price point that is friendly to the wallet (around $75). It lets your kid take pictures, stream video, download apps and access the internet. The phone is available from well-known retailers like Amazon and, as a bonus, you don’t have to commit to a contract to buy it.


The TracFone company is the nation’s top no-contract wireless service provider. It doesn’t have daily or monthly fees and the company sells a wide variety of brand-name phones from top companies like LG and Samsung. TracFone also sells refurbished models like a reconditioned LG L22C Power Android phone that has a 4.5-inch touchscreen display, 5-megapixel camera and unlimited carryover of unused data, talking and texting. If you want your kiddo to contribute part of his or her allowance to the cellphone costs, a TracFone makes it easy to do that since you can find models for around $50. You can purchase additional talking and texting minutes at tens of thousands of retailers around the country.


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Cellphone Kits and Accessories You Should Always Have

Living in a world that is moved by technology can be quite stressful especially when you discover that your cellphone battery is running out just when you are waiting for an important phone call. Cellphones may offer us all the wonders but it also has its limitations. For one, the more updated and stylish your mobile phone, the more it becomes sensitive to accidental damage. Slimmer and sleeker phones may also be subject to limited battery power especially if you have apps running all the time. So find the right cables and adapters for your mobile phone for they are essential wherever you go.

image via gearbest.com

Having a smartphone makes our life easy and entertaining. People have access to social media and can instantly update, call and chat with loved ones over Skype even when they are miles away. Your phone amazingly transform into a GPS when you can’t find that restaurant you want to try out or when you are visiting another country.  Your mobile phone is also your best companion when you have ebooks, movies or music stored. Today’s mobile technology incredibly has everything that a person will need – if only the battery can last even at least for a day!

The limited battery power of mobile phones has people carrying cables and adapters with them wherever they go. You can find slim wall mounted adapters and even car kits for those who need charging when traveling. Some people also opt for usb cables which they can plug into their computers and charge their mobiles while they work. But some cables are not compatible with some mobile devices. For instance, Apple products have a specific line of cables and adapters which work well with their devices. More iPhone 6S Cable here are available and they come in different colors and make too.

Aside from adapters, power banks have also gained instant popularity especially for those who are constantly on the go. These kits and accessories can provide cellphone users with reserved battery power which they can charge their phones with as long as they have the right cellphone cable. These power banks are handy and convenient to use mainly because you don’t need to sit and wait for a long time in a single outlet for your cellphone to charge.  You can simply plug your mobile device, keep it in your bag and be on your way without any holdups. With the right kits and accessories, there will be less missed calls, delayed messages and communication issues.

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Exchanging Old Mobile Phones for a Cause

Currently, many people are very much into gadgets. Some have the latest models of smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Because of the worldwide demand for these gadgets, many brands already manufacture them. Gone are the days when sophisticated mobile phones are so expensive that not many people can afford them. Nowadays, almost all cell phone users have smartphones that not only act as phones but are also used to connect to the Internet. Therefore, you don’t need to bring your laptop anywhere you go. Your cell phone does it all and you stay connected 24/7. I like the fact that I get to read all my Facebook messages.    Continue reading “Exchanging Old Mobile Phones for a Cause”

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Small Streams Gouge Big Holes Eventually

There are times when it is simply necessary to bite the bullet and stick with quality over economy because it is actually in our own best interest. In the case of virtually any inkjet printer, these are incredibly complex and precise machines that sit on the desktop and spew out flawless, digital picture quality images day after day. From an engineering standpoint, these are really amazing pieces of machinery that cost less than a day’s wages in many cases.

Imagine the precision necessary to slide a mobile print cartridge along its rail to the exact spot on a sheet of paper and then command it to emit one perfect jet of ink on something as tiny as an individual pixel before moving over to the next one to be painted. Everything needs to line up perfectly just for this one ink color. Yet there are several additional colors that all need to be jetted out in perfectly matched proportions in order to create millions of different color combinations.

Few people stop to realize that each ink cartridge in their printer is actually a sort of tiny spray paint gun that shoots out liquid ink at a very high velocity. More importantly, however, is the fact that high velocity jets of ink have the same effect as sandpaper on the tiny orifice that blasts the ink onto the paper. Over time, that very small pinhole gets wider and wider as more ink shoots through the opening.

Continue reading “Small Streams Gouge Big Holes Eventually”

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A wonderful gift for the bookworms

Young girls generally love reading books, magazines, short novels, stories about fantasy, romance, thriller and more depending on their point of interest and preference. However, paper backs accumulate over time and needs a book shelf to put them in order to avoid clutter. A wireless eReader is one of suggested best gifts for girls for a total reading pleasure.

kobo ereader touch edition

It is a compact, lightweight and all in one gadget perfect for a book lover on the go. Downloading free classics or availing the hottest and latest new book releases becomes handy in an instant as most eReaders also features a wi-fi access. Bookworms and intellectual readers take pleasure in reading more and more like reading on a paperback with its touch technology.

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