A Skin Care Box Makes A Great Gift for the Holidays!

We don’t know about you, but we are so ready for the holiday season this year. We admit it, we are certified holiday junkies. We get a weird glow in our eyes the minute we overeat on Thanksgiving Day until the day after New Year’s. During the holiday season, the one thing that stresses us out is the thought of having to come up with gifts for everyone on our list. Does that ever happen to you? If it does, we have a great idea for you. Take a minute and try the idea of giving a skincare box as a gift idea for the holidays. That way, you can get all of your shopping done on one site and make everyone on your gift list–from your mom to your best friend to your favorite niece–get holiday happy. 

skin care box

What Can I Put in a Skincare Box?

There are many options you may want to try for a skincare box you give as a gift. You may want to begin the gift box with a gift of serum. Serums such as the best vit C serum are a great way to customize your gifts for the people you love. You can choose serums that will be perfect for your favorite co-worker, or that lady at the synagogue who always helps you wrangle the children to get a seat. Vitamin C serum is great for every skin type, and every skin age. It brightens everyone’s skin, whether that skin is 20 or 80. Vitamin C serum also helps your family and friends minimize inflammation from acne or those age spots that drive people crazy. What a great serum to add to your skincare box!

You may also want to add another skincare serum that is great for every skin type, which is hyaluronic acid serum for face. We love hyaluronic acid, because it can accomplish several things. First of all, this acid is an extreme moisturizer. It can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water. Because hyaluronic acid is such an amazing water retainer, it allows your skin to look dewy and refreshed, no matter how long you’ve been out in the dry winter air. One of the best things about hyaluronic acid serum is that it works whether your skin is exceptionally dry during the winter, or exceptionally oily. Hyaluronic acid serum adds water to your complexion without adding oil, which can cause your skin to become irritated and suffer a breakout. 

Whether you are thinking about a small gift box, with a vial of vitamin C serum, or a larger box with vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid serum, and other items, you can customize it any way you want. If you are looking for other items to add, you may want to look for a derma roller. Like the serums we talked about, the derma roller is great for any skin type, and people have been using it for decades to keep their skin in great shape. If you are looking for other ideas, why not jump online today, and have a look at all of our product ideas? We know we can make the holidays especially merry for your favorite people in the world. 

A guide for Secret Santa’s

While Christmas is a time for eating, drinking and being merry, it is also the time of stressful shopping trips and panic buying. You’ve already got parents, partners and everyone else to buy for, so imagine your delight when your work announces that they are doing a Secret Santa this year.

However, there’s no need to panic. We’ve taken a look at Hawkins Bazaar’s range of Secret Santa ideas and selected something to suit any budget.

£5 and under

Every office has someone that has an endless supply of sweets and treats on their desk. Forever nibbling, they are rarely seen without their snacks and, for obvious reasons, they are one of the most popular people in the workplace.

Created by Jelly Belly, Bean Boozled is a selection of yummy jelly beans, mixed in with some not so tasty flavours. The juicy pear, strawberry jam and peach ones are sure to go down a storm, however, the vomit, mouldy cheese and dog food flavours are to be avoided at all costs. This fun gift will provide some office giggles come January, and help to alleviate the traffic around the snacker’s desk!

secret santa

£10 and under

Central to any workplace is the office gossip. Always the first to know the latest happenings and poking their nose into other people’s business, it just wouldn’t be the same without them.

If you pulled their name out of the hat this year, this fantastic vintage-style mug would be perfect for them. Complete with the slogan ‘It must be true, I read it on Facebook’, the cup would be the perfect accompaniment to chatting around the kettle during teatime.

£15 and under

There’s always that one desk in an office that is littered with figurines, knick-knacks and ornaments. Why not add to their collection of clutter with this solar powered queen? Dressed in her staple lilac attire, her majesty will use her signature wave to greet visitors to their desks. It’s also the perfect gift for those royal enthusiasts, who hang out the bunting at the first sign of a regal event. Tacky? Not a chance!

Think Outside The Box With These 5 Unique Gift Ideas

If you’re like most people, you do not want your gift for that special someone to get lost in the crowd. Unfortunately, holiday shopping leaves many of us at a loss when it comes to gift buying. Do not fret if you’re one of the millions who need a little help this celebratory season. Here are five unique gift ideas that will make your gift-giving efforts shine.


gift ideas


Unique Ear-buds


For the music lover on your list, animal ear-buds might be the way to go. Choose from a range of playful ear-buds that deliver high-quality sound while offering unique personalization. Duck, lightning bolt, and octopus buds will bring a smile to anyone who needs their own playlist in order to get going in the morning. There are also robot, wing, and ghost earbuds that are fun to wear. Buy several for your music lover so they never have to worry about not having a comfortable music listening experience.


Salvaged Wine Barrel Chairs


These gorgeous chairs are perfect for relaxing after a long day. Reused oak barrel staves are fashioned into a rustic homage to the traditional wicker beach chairs. Perfect for watching the waves roll in or the bonfire burn, these comfortable outdoor chairs will last for years with minimal maintenance. They also match just about any outdoor decor, so even if that special someone lives in a townhouse downtown, these chairs will be a perfect complement to their outdoor living space.


Personal Journal


Do you have a poet or writer on your list? Rustico genuine leather journals are perfect for folks who need a unique and beautiful place to record their inspiration. Rusticoleather.com offers hand sewn journals that are expertly crafted from top grain leather. These gorgeous leather journals come in a range of colors, and you can also choose between flap-tie or buckle closures. Various sizes means you will easily be able to find the perfect one.


Houseplant Pots


Wondering about what to get that garden lover on your list? How about a unique set or threesome of houseplant pots? An indoor array of houseplants add life and beauty to any home. Finding suitable pots can sometimes be a hassle though, which is why this is such a good idea. Choose from concrete, metallic crackle, or hanging brass planters and make your flower lover smile this season.


Original Artwork


You don’t have to spend a fortune to give the artist on your list a beautiful piece of artwork. Is he or she a fan of modern art? Shop for fresh and affordable pieces that will complement almost any decor. You can also choose quirky wall art prints that will go over wonderfully with that special person who listens to his own drummer.  Or better yet, tap into your own inner artist and paint something yourself!


Consider the above list inspiration, and get ready to shine this gift-giving season.

Trendy Christmas Gift Ideas

Shopping malls and bazaars are now full blast in giving out the best deals and discounts for shoppers as Christmas is only a few days away from now. Christmas bonuses and incentives are mostly been given to employees so most families are busy buying and shopping for Christmas gifts.

Looking for a perfect gift is not easy; we need to take into consideration the age and gender of the recipient.  Below are some trendy Christmas gift ideas.

Teenage girls are more fascinated with fashion accessories, a stylish flower pearl necklace to grace their neck will make their face glow.


pearl necklace
photo credits: gifts.com

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