4 Fantastic Geek-Friendly Hobbies

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Deep down, we’ve all got a little geek inside of us. Some of us are more attuned to it than others, but nobody should be afraid to unleash that geeky side. After all, being comfortable and free will allow you to gain more fun out of life.

You don’t have to be a complete nerd to enjoy some geeky activities. Here are four brilliant activities that we can all enjoy unleashing our inner geek. Whether you do it alone or with others doesn’t matter. The key is that you have fun.



Being geeky and being cool aren’t mutually exclusive ideas. Modern tech illustrates this perfectly. Gadgets are at the heart of everything we do as a society. One of the most enjoyable ways to make the most of this is to start vlogging.

Vlogging is essentially online broadcasting where you will make videos about your favourite topics. You may wish to talk about your favourite musicians, sports stars or films. Alternatively, you may want to pick a niche idea. Either way, the key is to create killer content. You can find out how to do this at Vlog Nation.

It’s certainly a little geeky, but it’s also pretty cool. Besides, it could make you money too.

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A geek doesn’t have to be locked away in their bedroom on a 24/7 basis. However, they do gain enjoyment from activities that a lot of other people would baulk at.

Hiking is a fantastic example. Where others will enjoy playing team sports, the geeks amongst us would prefer to walk through challenging terrains. Rather than scoring goals, our reward is those breathtaking sceneries. To take things to a new level, you should take you camera with you too.

The great thing about this hobby is that every trek is a new adventure.


Nowadays, most people admit to being lovers of superheroes. For the majority, though, this means watching films and maybe playing video games. For a truly geek-friendly adventure, you should try cosplay.

Dressing up and acting out adventures is a great way to live out your fantasies. Moreover, many cosplayers find that it’s the perfect outlet to meet new people too. The Yaya Han collection has some awesome designs, which can take the fantasy to another level entirely.

Moreover, it doubles up as the ideal fancy dress costume for any future parties too.


Collecting stamps, figures and other commodities is nothing new. But it’s still as geek-friendly as ever and is the perfect hobby that can also be enjoyed as a family.

With thanks to the internet, you can now find out vast information about the most valuable coins and other items in existence. You can also source fantastic storage facilities to keep your collectibles in pristine condition.

Many modern geeks enjoy collecting limited edition toys and keeping them in their boxes. You might not see any joy from using those items, but knowing that you have them can provide a great sense of satisfaction. What more could you want from a geek-friendly hobby?

Three Things To Look For In A Sports Collectibles Company

These days, many sports fans are interested in purchasing collectible items to wear or display in their homes. Whether you’re interested in getting great hats, bats, banners, jerseys, or something else, finding the ideal collectible company from which to make the purchase is immensely important. To ensure that you find the perfect sports collectibles company from which to buy your items, look for the following attributes in the business:

1. A Wide Selection.

One of the first things that you’ll want to look for in a sports collectible company is a wide selection. This step is important because you’ll likely find yourself interested in purchasing a plethora of products over the course of your life. When you find one company that offers a wide selection, you won’t have to waste time shopping around for individual products. Once you start the hunt for the ideal company, keep a great business like Collectible Supplies in mind. In addition to offering the most durable baseball display cases on the block, Collectible Supplies features several other wonderful items, including but not limited to foam logo signs, pennants, helmets, t-shirts, and much more.



2. Fast Shipping.

Another characteristic you’ll want to look for in a collectible supply company is fast shipping. When you order your product, you want to know that it will arrive soon so you can go ahead and wear it or display it in your home. When you select a company that offers expedited shipping, you can put this process in motion.

3. Reasonable Prices.

One final characteristic you should look for in a collectible supply company is reasonable prices. There’s no reason you should have to empty your wallet in order to get the durable, visually appealing sports collectible products you need and want. To ensure that you can get great goods at reasonable prices, be sure to do research in order to determine what the average costs are for the goods that you want. In so doing, you’ll get the best deal on all the latest and greatest sports products available.


If you’re a big sports fan who finds that collectible items enrich your life, it’s important to note that accessing the best products is contingent upon locating the best sports collectible companies. To ensure that you can realize this objective, make sure that you’re looking for companies that conform to the aforementioned characteristics. Good luck!


Image courtesy of www.collectible-supplies.com

Anime Dolls: Understanding Your Nendoroid Collection

Toy figurine collection is a popular hobby of today’s youth. Back then, boys and girls are happy to get a matchbox car or a Barbie doll but today, toy figures are no longer limited to cars and dolls. Japanese anime series has a direct influence in the growing popularity of this hobby. You can now find teens – young boys and girls alike seriously growing their collection of Figmas, Pettanko and of course the Nendoroid collection. These anime or magna dolls are not the as common as the usual PVC dolls and statues. They have unique designs that make them highly collectable.



My youngest son is a collector of Nendoroids. These figures are quite pricey and in order for him to buy his chibis, he sets aside a portion of his daily school monetary allowance. But because he is doing well in his studies, we buy him a set as his reward on a quarterly basis that is right after we see his report card.


What exactly are Nendoroids? Basically, it came from the Japanese word “nendo” pertaining to clay or plasticine and as the name suggest, they are small dolls made of plastic. Nendoroid dolls are about four inches tall and they are known for their ‘chibi’ or deformed format meaning, the doll’s head is about one-third of its height!


Nendoroids are well loved and liked because they are adorable doll figures and they come with plenty of changeable pieces. The faces can be changed to show different expressions and the limbs can also be replaced for change in character. You won’t be surprised to find garments that can make your dolls look exactly like the manga or anime character that they are.



Ostrich Eggs collection for home decoration

Ostrich eggs are considered to be an exotic object. There are ostrich farms that take care of ostriches like cattle and sell them for meat and eggs. But not many people are aware of that ostrich eggs are used not only for food or beauty product, these empty shells are also used to create something even more exotic! Walking around high-end department stores or browsing an Ostrich egg online store will give you strange and exotic items that you can use to decorate your home. Some of these are those jewelry boxes made out of once fragile ostrich egg shell or just the original empty egg shell which can be put simply in a fancy holder and they’re ready for display.


The Ostrich eggs are known to be the largest of all eggs and believed to be an ancient symbol to bring good luck. A normal size is approximately 5.9 inches and if measured around the longest part of the egg a large one can measure up to 17 inches or more.  The shells are hard and strong enough to use for making crafts. If you are interested to buy, there are websites selling empty Ostrich egg shells for about $15 each for a large size.  Adorned ones are sold for $50 and up depending on design patterns made.


I would say I was just lucky enough to have a friend who owns an Ostrich farm and generously gives us fresh ostrich eggs every now and then. I collected the egg shells and put them on display.


ostrich eggs


You will be amazed at how these ostrich eggs are cut up or down to create a mini cabinet with drawers to accommodate your trinkets and jewelries!  Some decorative eggs come up with a delicate pattern of flowers or abstract designs. You can also find many exquisitely designed Ostrich egg shells with delicate beading work and a gold-plated egg stand. It is truly made to call attention when displayed and looks good as an added decoration for your homes.

Willow Tree Figures A Special Collectors Item Edition



willow tree figuresMy eyes are glued looking at the hand carved willow tree figures upon browsing a site about collectible figurines.  I can’t help admiring the beauty of these wooden carvings, the figures speaks for themselves. They are specially made of willow wood, best known for sculpture and other artworks like baskets and decorative accessories. The flexible feature of the wood made the artwork more splendid. They are formed and shaped through hand carving and individually painted by hand.

The figurines display identify and express emotions rendered in simple yet graceful pure gestures. It is also best for motif toppers on cakes in different occasions as the figurative sculptures conveys qualities and could suggest the theme of the event.

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