What To Do With Inherited Jewelry

Sometimes when loved ones pass away or move into assisted living facilities, we find ourselves with inherited family jewelry. In many instances, what we ought to do with the pieces isn’t entirely clear. If it’s something we wanted the obvious choice is to keep it, but if we don’t live the piece, the decision to sell it may be complicated by the fact that we don’t want to sell off a family heirloom to just any old person.

inherited jewelry

If you’ve found yourself with a piece of inherited jewelry that you aren’t quite sure what you ought to do with, here are some ideas of how you can ensure that you make the right decision about what to do with the piece or pieces in question.

Keep The Piece

The obvious choice is to keep a piece if you like it or had been looking forward to inheriting it in the first place. However, this can also be an option even if you don’t necessarily like the actual piece. You can always have a valuable necklace or ring auctioned off years later when you decide you don’t like it. You can’t, however, go back in time and undo your decision to sell something. Furthermore, just because you don’t like the particular piece doesn’t mean that your children won’t someday want it when they reach adulthood.

Have It Restored

Perhaps you originally liked the piece in question, but time has taken its toll. While some items of jewelry can be damaged beyond repair, such an instance is rare. Almost all cases of jewelry disrepair can be fixed by the right jeweler. Whether the item needs a new chain or needs a deep cleaning to restore its original shine, chances are that it can be fixed and restored to its original beauty and value.

Pass It Off To Another Family Member

If you received a piece of jewelry that you didn’t like in a loved one’s will, speak to family members before you consider selling it. There might be someone in your family who would actually treasure the item in question. Plus, perhaps they inherited something that they aren’t crazy about that they’d be willing to trade for the jewelry. Remember, a will only dictates who receives which belongings. It doesn’t say that family members can’t trade and swap once they’ve received them.

Sell To A Jeweler or Consignment Shop

Selling privately can sometimes be a better choice than working with an auction house or service. While you won’t be able to receive competitive bids, the process is a lot simpler. Also, jewelers and consignment shops typically offer quite competitive rates. Remember, you want to be sure that you are confident in your decision to sell the item. Once it’s been sold, it’s near impossible to try to locate and buy back.

Sell Through An Online or Physical Auction Service

Auctions offer something that jewelers and consignment shops don’t, in that you can receive competitive bids for your item. For this reason, you stand to make more money than if you sold to a buyer who offered you a fixed price. However, having an item auctioned can sometimes be an arduous process. In some cases, your item won’t sell the first time and you’ll have to keep putting it on the auction block. But persistence can certainly pay off in situations like these. Sometimes people won’t sell their items at their first attempt at an auction, only to have their item sell for double the asking price at their second or third auction.

Sell It For Parts

If a jewelry item is in a very bad state, sometimes selling it as it is just isn’t an option. However, diamonds and gold are always worth something, even when they’re damaged. Broken jewelry might still be worth a nice chunk of change. Gold in almost any state is always worth something, as it can be melted down and turned into new items by the purchaser.

If you find yourself with an inherited piece of jewelry, you have a lot of options. Ultimately, you should put a lot of thought into what you decide to do with it and whether or not you want to sell it.


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– ed. Gondowicz Joanna (2007). Zamek Królewski w Warszawie. Wielkie Muzea. Rzeczpospolita. ISBN 97-88360688-51-9, Public Domain, Link

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How To Keep Your Engagement Ring Looking Its Best

There’s nothing more beautiful than a sparkling engagement ring, and for most people it’s one of the most special pieces of jewelry that they will ever own. When it’s something you’re going to be wearing every day for many years, it’s important to keep it at it’s best.

Engagement ring

Rings such as Tacori engagement rings and other quality brands won’t need masses of maintenance. This is because genuine diamonds don’t scratch, and good quality metals don’t tarnish. However any piece of jewellery can start to look dull over time without the right care. Luckily there are a few things you can do to make your engagement ring look shiny and new again.

Know When To Remove It

There are times when you should remove your engagement ring to keep it at its best. These include when you’re cleaning and coming into contact with harsh chemicals. When you’re at the gym, when you’re swimming and if you’re generally getting messy. This could involve times when you’re using your hands during cooking or baking. It’s good practice to remove jewelry when you’re doing this anyway for hygiene reasons.

Don’t Pick It Up By The Stone

If you’re in good habits with removing your ring, make sure you’re putting it back on properly too. Don’t pick it up by the stone or setting, as it could cause it to become loose or break. Instead, pick it up by the metal band, and don’t push it back onto your finger using the stone as leverage.

Store It When You’re Not Wearing It

It’s no good taking your ring off to protect it, but then leaving it on the side of a wet sink or on a dusty surface. Even worse would be if you leave it somewhere that it can get lost, stolen or accidently thrown away. If for example, you’re going to the gym, take your ring off at home and put it in a jewelry box rather than into your bag in your gym locker. If you know you’re spending the day cleaning, take it off and store it somewhere safe rather than just leaving it mindlessly on a counter.

Remove Any Grease or Grime Buildup

Even if you’re careful with your engagement ring, it will eventually accumulate grime and dirt over time which can cause it to look dull. If it’s particularly bad, it can be worth taking it to jewellers and having it cleaned professionally, so you’re not causing any damage. Minor grime buildup can be cleaned by making a solution of warm water and dish soap. Soak the ring for around half an hour before gently brushing the stone with a very soft bristled toothbrush. Rinse it under warm running water and examine the stone carefully. If it still looks dirty, go through the process again. Take care and only clean it gently. While you’re not going to scratch a genuine diamond, you can certainly scratch the metal setting. And if your ring is made of another gemstone it’s likely to be scratched fairly easily so just be gentle with it.

Polish The Band

Being a soft metal, gold can develop minor scratches over time which take the look of it’s shine. Carefully polishing it up can make it look gleaming and new again. You can do this using a polishing cloth which you can buy at jewelry stores.


Image source: https://flic.kr/p/dR2qpQ


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Make Your Jewelry Habit Pay For You

It seems that every woman has their “thing”. The one thing that they just can’t get enough of, that receives donations from every wage slip. For some it’s shoes that get the pulse racing, or handbags that you’d walk barefoot to get. Then there are the accessories lovers, for whom jewelry is the crowning glory of any outfit.

If you look at any small business advice, then you will come across the idea that you should do something you love. If you’re passionate about it, then it’s going to come across in your work- or so the theory goes. Small, lifestyle businesses are an ideal way to increase your earnings and venture into a different world. The pleasure of doing something you enjoy every day is well worth the stress of getting them going.


So what if you are one of the women above? Jewelry is your passion, but can it ever be a reputable business option?

  1. Indie Designer

It’s the obvious option, but still one worth bringing up. A lot of girls experiment with jewelry making kits, sending beads across the floor and twisting metals into intricate ring shapes. It’s only natural to want to have a go at making something that you enjoy.

If it’s a passion as an adult, then there are more opportunities than ever before to make money from it. You have sites like Etsy that specialise in handcrafted pieces, or general auction sites where you can display your talents. You can also start small and see what the appetite is like; get going with a couple of pieces and then take it from there.

  1. Direct Selling and Drop Shipping

If you’re not creative but still want to immerse yourself in this world, then there’s a good option with retailing. You can buy products from around the globe and sell them on at a profit. It’s particularly ideal if you have got an eye for a trend and can seek things out that others will love. Consider this if your friends are always asking for tips.

It’s easier than you might expect to find pieces to sell. There’s a multitude of options online, from buying from artisans to collections like elf925 wholesale silver jewelry. When you’ve got your wares, do your numbers so you can resell for a proper- and boom, lifestyle business is born.

  1. Designer

There is a big difference between designing a piece of jewelry and actually making it. Perhaps you have ideas but not quite the creative talent to put them into practice. You can look at offering your services to smaller sellers – like the people in point one – who might wish to collaborate. You can also offer custom designs for items like engagement rings. People always want customised things now, and this puts you at the forefront of it.

The above ideas might not make you your fortune. They can be a lot of hard work, but at the end of the day it is you that’s going to put a love to use. If you like the idea of smiling at the idea of work, then it might just work for you.


Image by: TerabassOwn work, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=11847904

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Bejeweled with bangles, earrings and rings

Bangles, multiple rings, single earring and ear cuffs are preferred by many jewelry designers to keep fingers, wrists and ears bejeweled. A fashion statement which is trending in the world of fashion.


Multiple rings embellished with stones, crystals or pearls in sophisticated designs worn across the hand on two or more fingers has been associated with earthy, bohemian looks. Fashionistas were the first ones who embrace this trend of jeweled fingers.  Wearing multiple rings simultaneously on one hand or two hands can be used as adornment in day or evening wear.


Photo credits: vogue.com


Bangle bracelets are traditional ornaments from the South of Asia which has become popular in the fashion history. Bangles are made of different materials such as gold, silver, platinum, wood, glass or plastic.  It comes in different sizes, designs and motifs. Stacked bangles and bangles studded with stones are available in most jewelry stores. Bangles are considered heirloom items that can be handed down through generations.


Photo credits: coolspotters.com


Ear cuffs was a hip in the 90s yet were also trending nowadays. Ear cuffs are ear wraps that require no piercing. It only needs to be clipped to the edge of the ear. It comes in  beautiful designs cast in gold or silver in twisted or curvy patterns. Some are decorated with precious gemstones or beads or just a solid piece. While single earring are worn individually but can be paired with another earring of your choice. Single earring usually are dangling hoops in different designs from metal bolts, gemstones, feathers and more.


Photo credits: runninginplatforms.com.au
Photo credits: edgeofurge.com


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Tips when choosing your precious rings

There are several important considerations when choosing wedding and engagement rings. A few of these are the ring setting and the size of the diamond you are looking for. Other features such as diamond cut, value and diamond color also matter. Another aspect of choosing rings is the metal that the diamond or other precious stones are set in.


Ring Setting

There are various ring settings. The most well-liked are the solitaire engagement ring setting, the channel setting and the Bezel setting. The three-stone setting and the halo ring setting are also becoming popular nowadays. Channel set diamonds are also chic and trendy and so are vintage-looking ring settings.

Diamond Size and Cut

In a three-stone engagement ring, the diamonds don’t need to be as large as the single diamond in a solitaire setting. The Bezel setting overlaps a diamond slightly all around its outer edge. The overall size of this setting makes a single diamond look larger, as does the halo ring setting.

Diamond Value and Color

A “J” or “K” colored diamond is slightly yellow. However, by setting this diamond in a yellow-gold-lined basket setting, the diamond will look like a fancy yellow diamond that was priced at thousands of dollars more than the couple actually paid for the diamond. This is one way to get more value in the diamond you choose.

White Gold versus Platinum

Rhodium-covered white gold or Sterling silver look identical to platinum. If a couple is big on love, but small on money, they could begin with a rhodium-covered silver ring setting.

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