How to Improve the Sound of an Acoustic Guitar

How do you make a decent-sounding, low-priced acoustic guitar sound like a more expensive instrument? If you’re eager to get started learning the guitar but only have a modest budget, fret not. You can go for an acoustic guitar model that costs less than $200 and you won’t regret it. It may not have the sound quality of high-end acoustic guitars made of premium materials, but there are things you can do to improve its sound.

Acoustic Guitar

Here are some simple, affordable and effective ways to make your guitar sound its absolute best.

Change the strings every few weeks

Strings do wear out over time. If you play your guitar regularly – say, an hour or two every day – the strings could be in need of a replacement every three to four weeks depending on how aggressively you play. Daily playing can make dirt, sweat, oil and grime accumulate on your guitar strings and corrode them. Corrosion can make strings prone to breakage and unpleasant to play. It can also affect the tone of the guitar.

Old and dirty strings can also be difficult to get in tune and make a guitar sound dull, flat or lackluster. Changing the strings is one way to make sure your guitar produces the best tone. A new set of strings can instantly brighten up the tone of your acoustic guitar.

Replace plastic parts

Acoustic guitars at the lower end of the price tier would often have plastic bridge pins, saddles and nuts. While these plastic components get the job done, upgrading them to quality materials can make a huge difference in the tone of your acoustic guitar.

For instance, a bone or synthetic bone nut, bridge pins and saddle can give a guitar a warm and soft sound. On the other hand, when you use brass, your guitar would tend to have a bright and punchy tone. Do some research on other materials to determine which type can give you the tone you want.

Upgrade your tuners

Tuning machines don’t directly affect how an acoustic guitar sounds but they do affect the guitar’s ability to stay in tune. Tuners that often come loose can have a frustrating effect while you’re playing – imagine going flat while you’re strumming or picking because one or more tuners won’t stay put.

Some tuners on low-cost guitars can feel flimsy and unreliable. This is why it’s often recommended to upgrade tuning machines to more sturdy ones. With quality tuning pegs, you won’t have to adjust your tuning every so often, allowing you to have a more enjoyable playing experience.

Have it professionally set up

No matter the kind of guitar you have and regardless of the cost, it’s ideal to take your guitar to a guitar technician or luthier for a setup. If you are a beginner, it’s best to leave this to a professional because they would have the tools and know-how to make the right adjustments according to your preferences and playing style.

An acoustic guitar setup would involve adjusting the string action to make the guitar more comfortable to play and eliminate fret buzz, filing the nut and frets, and making other modifications to the guitar. Setting up your guitar would make it easier to play, and the easier it is to play the better you will feel when playing. This would ultimately translate to a better sound overall, so take time to set up your guitar properly.

We hope these tried-and-tested methods will work for you in improving the sound of your guitar. Give these a try and let us know how it goes!

Finding the Best Deals for Fleetwood Mac Concert Tickets

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fleetwood mac

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Reasons of using stereophones

People wear stereophones or commonly known as headphones for different reasons.

  • It is used to ensure private moments when doing   long distance calls to loved ones, family or friend.
  • It is normally one of the important gadgets in Business Process Outsourcing or BPO.
  • Internet Café’s make use of headphones to avoid competing sounds from other computer users.
  • It is best to use when listening to webinars or online seminars and other audio-based learning or lessons.
  • These are fantastic gadgets especially  when listening to music or when watching TV or a movie.
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bose headphone

Headsets like Bose headphones are my husband’s choice when buying earpieces for our personal computers.  Whether loud speakers or headsets, this product is always the family’s preference due to its improvements in noise reduction technology, quality sound, and durability with a long lasting comfortable fit.

Headphones are used to reduce and eliminate external sound to hear clearly what’s going on from your computer or tv. The cool benefits of using an earpiece are amazing yet we have to be aware also of its proper usage because it may harm our hearing ability through improper handling.

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Grandpa’s favorite Für Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven

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