5 Places Where You Can Find the Perfect Unique Wedding Ring

Unique Wedding Ring

Planning to pop the question? It is time to invest in buying a wedding ring. You cannot simply buy the first ring that you lay your eyes on. Your partner will be wearing the ring most of the time. Any random piece of jewellery is not good enough to symbolise your relationship.

You need to invest time and money when looking for the right wedding ring to pop the question with. Where can you find the perfect ring? There are multiple places where you can look for the unique wedding ring.

Jewellery Stores

The first place that anyone goes to for buying a wedding ring is a jewellery store. You can find many jewellery stores that specialise in wedding rings. Jewellery stores are safe for buying wedding rings since they will be using authentic precious metals and stones. The staff might be trying to constantly sell you a more expensive ring that exceeds your budget. Finding a unique design can be difficult at jewellers. But some stores can make a ring according to your design. So, you can look for a store that can take your own design and make a ring.

Antique Stores

An antique store may not be the first place that pops to your mind when you think about buying a wedding ring. But a visit to an antique store can help you find the perfect ring. When buying an antique ring ask to see proof of authentication. Usually, antique stores check their jewellery extensively before buying them, so you do not have to worry about a fake. The only problem with buying an antique ring is not finding the size you are looking for.

Pawn Shops

Pawn shops are also never at the top of the list when it comes to buying wedding rings. One person’s loss can gain your partner the perfect wedding ring. But when buying from a pawn shop ask for proof of authentication. Just like at an antique store you may not find the size you are looking for at pawn shops.

Online Stores

The easiest way to find the biggest collection of rings is by looking for unique wedding rings online. Just like many jewellery stores, online jewellery stores offer unique designs. Some can even offer to make a ring based on your design. You do not need to worry about sizes since the stores can make the ring depending on the size you need. Just make sure you are shopping for unique wedding rings online from authentic sites that stock hallmarked jewellery.

Family Jewellery Box

Some families have heirloom family rings that are passed down over generations. Before you go out and buy a ring for your partner to figure out if your family has any such heirloom ring. Heirloom rings not only are a good way of saving money, they are unique as well. Unlike any unique wedding rings online jewellery sites might have, the heirloom rings are one of a kind due to the design of the ring. Your partner will also treasure the gesture from your family for entrusting them with a family heirloom.


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5 Tips to Personalizing Today’s Modern Wedding

Weddings in the past were typically planned focusing on the family, friends and other guests invited to the celebration. If you’re looking to personalize your own special day, the following are tips to help today’s modern couples plan a wedding based on who you are, and your mutual interests.


modern wedding


Say Goodbye to the Past

Traditional weddings in the past were often planned with the other guest’s best interests at hand. If you were hosting a wedding for a large group of people, a setting that could hold a sit-down dinner was probably the best option. But modern-era couples see their wedding as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. That’s why most brides and grooms aren’t afraid to ditch past traditions in favor of things that are near and dear to them.

Find a Venue with Meaning

Firstly, locating a venue is a great time for couple’s to reflect on their shared interests. If you’re looking for something carefree and romantic, you may choose to share your nuptials on a sandy beach at sunset. A Los Angeles wedding venue is home to some of the most picturesque weddings for those in search of an elegant ballroom setting. By making the right modernized room selection, you’ll be able to convert your personalized vision into lasting memories that you’ll be able to carry with you far into your future. If your personality is fun-loving, you may want to exchange marriage vows next to the primate house at your local zoo.

Cater to Your Own Food Preferences

Between gluten-free, vegetarian and no-carb food diets, couples today may go crazy selecting the ideal food preferences for their wedding day. While couples in the past would appeal to their guests palates, today’s modern couple is leaning toward their own personal preferences. If you’re into simple fare, sliders, fries and hot dogs may be the right menu. If you want a fancier selection, lobster, steak and chicken are excellent choices. If you have a lot of guests with dietary restrictions, you could also offer a few vegetarian options that are pleasing to both bride and groom. Your cake selections should also be designed with your own tastes in mind. You could also offer cookies, pastries and gelato if you want to forego the traditional wedding cake.

Choose Songs Based on Your Journey as a Couple

Choosing a band or DJ is usually more complicated than the venue and food planning. While couples in the past typically selected music that catered to each generation of guests, couples are now leaning toward song selections based on their journey. From slow and fast to jazzy and silly, the music you choose should be about having a great time throughout the evening.

Wedding Attire That’s Both Stylish and Comfortable

Wedding attire for the wedding couple has evolved over the years. While some have worn vintage clothing passed down from generation to generation, the attire may be far from stylish and comfy. If you’re looking to make the wedding your own, it’s ok to find items that cater to your personal looks and comfort level. If you’re hosting a party on the beach, sandals, shorts and tank dresses are a unique option. If you want to wear a traditional gown, opt for comfort by pairing the dress with cushy tennis shoes. Brides also are no longer restricted to white as their dress choice. Soft pinks and warm beiges are other popular wedding dress colors. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure the outfits are a reflection of your own personality.

So much thought and effort goes into creating the perfect wedding day. But if you’re looking to feed on the desires and needs of you and your partner, you want to plan a personalized wedding celebration that shows your guests who you are and how you’ve evolved as a couple.

The Only Way to Shine on Your Wedding Day

All brides want to shine on their wedding day. They want a literal yellow glow to encase them for the whole of their big day. Unfortunately, you can’t carry a special torch with you to create this glow. It just wouldn’t fit in. You can, however, make sure you look spectacular and give yourself a metaphorical glow. Want to know how? Look no further!


All Eyes on the Bride
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Practice Your Hair and Makeup

If you’re not used to doing your hair and makeup, you need to get a lot of practice in before the big day. There are lots of ways you could do this: you could go for a makeup and hair lesson at a salon, for instance. If you haven’t got the budget for this, there are all kinds of tutorial videos and blogs online that could give you some amazing tips to try out. Even if you consider yourself to be an intermediate when it comes to doing hair and makeup, wedding hair and makeup is totally different. It’s definitely not the same as getting ready to go to the office or for a night out with the girls! You want to look different on your wedding day. Special. Make sure you practice enough!


Hire a Professional You Trust

If you don’t want to do everything outlined above, your only other option is to hire a professional you trust. I always recommend having a trial before the big day, so you know for sure whether you’ll like what the therapist has in mind. You might think that you’ll like something on paper, when in actual fact you might hate it on the day.


Wear Jewelry That Suits You

Finding jewelry that suits you is an important part of your big day. It should suit your features and your coloring for the best effect. For example, if you have a slender neck and decolletage that you’d like to show off, you could buy a nice necklace. If you’re having a fancy up do, you could wear a special pair of earrings. To suit your coloring, find out whether silver, rose, or gold metal suits your skin, hair, and eyes best. If you pick the right jewelry this way, you’ll definitely shine. Your wedding jewelry should match your rings too. For diamond rings in Houston click here to get ideas. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your jewelry!


Pamper Yourself

Take extra time in the weeks leading up to your wedding to pamper yourself. Make sure you have a great skincare routine, and moisturize your skin to give it a real shine. You could also use a hair treatment to get your hair in the best ever condition.


Smile and Be Confident

Don’t forget to smile and feel confident on your big day. Confidence will radiate out of you, so make sure you project that feeling even if you don’t usually.


Use this guide and you’ll look like a goddess on the most special day of your life!

Decorating A Banquet Hall For A Wedding

Banquet Hall
Image credits: Beatrice Murch – https://flic.kr/p/fYjL1


It’s not easy to plan a wedding when you have a large family or a big circle of friends, and you’ll no doubt be needing a venue where everyone has space to eat, mingle, and dance the night away. A banquet hall is ideal for this kind of occasion, with many of these spaces offering space to seat hundreds. However, a big venue means a lot of decorating, and with the decorations and flowers costing an average of nearly £800. This means that you’ll want to find ways to decorate your hall without breaking the bank, so here are a few ways that you can enjoy stylish décor on the cheap.


Renting centrepieces

If you have a lot of tables, then this means you need a lot of centrepieces, and it can get expensive if you are having a florist make them professionally. Many places can rent out centrepieces, or the pieces needed for them, and this makes a DIY decorating job so much easier.


Items you could rent include:

  • Giant martini glasses
  • Goldfish bowls
  • Mirrors
  • Candle holders
  • Artificial flowers
  • Coloured stones


This makes it cheaper to decorate a large area, and whether you choose a traditional banquet layout, or have circular tables, this means that you can ensure there are plenty of centrepieces to decorate.


Chair covers

Chair covers are a common sight at most weddings, but if you have a lot of people coming then their hire can get expensive. When you are looking around Merchant Taylors banquet hall and other venues, you should find out whether they can be included as part of their package to avoid additional costs. Many venues have a supply of chair covers, coloured sashes, and linens that they will sometimes include as part of the cost if you negotiate with them.



Favours are often part of the decoration of the tables, fitting in with the theme and offering thanks to your guests for attending. However, if you have professional favours made they can end up costing a lot per head, and when you have a whole banqueting hall full of guests this will soon add up. Look for ways to cut down on the cost of your favours, such as buying cheap organza bags in your wedding colours and filling them yourself, or having a friend with crafty skills make something simple. By personalising each favour, you also avoid the hassle of having to buy place settings, and that’s another small amount saved that adds up.



If your hall is a little bland or utilitarian, then it’s easy to soften the edges or cover up any unflattering patches, and draping is an easy way to do so. There are many companies who will be able to decorate the hall with large marquee drapes, and this can be a cost effective way of decorating a big space with minimal effort. With soft lighting, this can create an elegant and romantic look that’s ideal for wedding receptions.


No matter how big your wedding, there’s always a strict budget to stick to, and you don’t want to spend a lot on decorations and those little extras. By hiring a banquet hall, you can have plenty of space for ceremonies, receptions, and evening parties, and this gives you a flexible space that can be decorated for traditional or contemporary occasions. No matter what your wedding style, a banquet hall gives you many options, and means that you can invite all the loved ones you like without having to worry about fitting them all in.

The proper way to preserve a Bridal Gown

Choosing the right fabric, sewing and embroidering a bridal gown can take several months in order for it look elegant and dashing. The bride to be is encouraged to try several fittings to make sure of its perfect fit.  The wedding gown reflects the bride’s social standing and lifestyle. It is most important for a bride to look charming and elegant on her wedding day. When the big day’s over, you can’t just dump it inside your hamper together with your other soiled clothes. This type of clothing deserves proper pampering and should last a lifetime.

If you’re too busy with your honeymoon at least have someone else take care of your wedding gown immediately. Some brides change and wear a special dress during the reception so that their wedding dress will be immediately cleaned while the party is going on. Continue reading “The proper way to preserve a Bridal Gown”