How to Deal With a Noisy Neighbourhood

Noisy neighbours can be incredibly disruptive, interrupting your regular activities or worse, your sleep. Sadly, people can be pretty inconsiderate when it comes to noise pollution and they likely don’t know that they’re being a nuisance. But what can you do about the situation? How do you deal with living in a noisy neighbourhood? Here’s a few tips to help you out.

How bad is it really?

Before making any rash moves, take a step back from the situation and try to assess it objectively. Make a note of what the source of the noise is and its volume, whether or not it’s a frequent or one-time problem, how the noise affects you (keeping you awake, interrupting your leisure time, etc.) and what you’d want done about it. Having said all of this, if the noise is extremely loud and consistent and you think it might be doing people in the area then it might be a good idea to speak to an acoustic consultants. Companies like ANE can measure the level of background noise and assess whether it poses a danger to those in the area.

Keep records

Keep a record of the situation’s every detail. Taking notes will allow you to better present your case should the problem evolve into an ongoing issue and you find yourself needing to register a formal complaint. Keeping lengthy and detailed notes demonstrates in clear terms that you attempted to peacefully resolve the problem yourself. But how do you go about doing that?


Go and speak to your neighbour. As mentioned, they may not even know they’re causing a problem. Don’t be confrontational or aggressive; keep things courteous and polite. Explain the facts or ask them what the reason for all the noise is. If they’re celebrating something, it’s okay to ask for when they plan to wrap up. If you have young children or elderly relatives living with you, let them know that. If they do not respond politely and you feel threatened at any point, walk away.


You should only consider involving local authorities if all other avenues of mediation have failed (and in almost all cases, it won’t ever come to this). Filing a formal complaint is one thing, but involving the police is quite another. Do your research, find out who the relevant authority in your area is and register your issue. If requested, make sure you have all your notes and records ready to provide in a pinch.

There are other ways you can approach dealing with a noisy neighbourhood – letter writing, organising other neighbours to come with you to talk to your neighbour – and any of them could work out under the right circumstances. Gauge the situation, figure out which approach will work best and go from there. You wouldn’t inconvenience your neighbours like that – it’s not asking too much to expect the same respect in return. How have you dealt with noisy neighbours in the past? Sound off in the comments below!


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Community Service: Five Service Ideas for Seniors

If you have a high school senior in your home, then you may be looking for opportunities for him or her to begin engaging in community service activities. After all, such volunteer work looks great on a resume, or even a college application. Not to mention, community service is a great way for your child to feel compassionate towards his or her community, and to learn the importance of charitable acts. Here are some great service ideas for your high school senior to consider this year.



Working in a Soup Kitchen

Homelessness is a major problem in cities all across the nation. As a result, many soup kitchens are constantly looking for volunteers to help prepare and serve food to those in need. It should not be difficult to find a soup kitchen event looking for volunteers near you; simply contact a local food shelter to inquire.


Volunteering in a Pet Shelter

If your teen is the type who loves animals, then having him or her volunteer in a pet shelter can be a great experience. Many animal shelters and human societies are constantly looking for volunteers to help feed, bathe, and walk their animals, so consider getting into contact with one near you.


Doing Community Landscaping

Does your senior love spending time outdoors? If so, then he or she may be able to plan and take on a landscaping project in the community. This could involve digging out stumps with an ExMark commercial stump grinder from a local park, planting flowers, watering grass, and anything in between. Anything your child does will be sure to make the community look like a better place.


Participating in After School Programs

Elementary schools and middle schools are constantly looking for volunteers to assist with after-school programs, so this could be a great opportunity for your child. A volunteer in such a program may be asked to tutor a child in a particular subject, assist with his or her homework, read to him or her, or even play with the children. Help your teen learn the meaning of compassion by helping others.


Working in a Food Pantry

Hunger is a serious problem in the world, but there are many organizations working to change this. Your child can make a difference by volunteering at a local food pantry, where he or she can sort food, take inventory, and even help to prepare food t be shipped to soup kitchens and other charitable events across the region.


Your senior can make a difference while also finding an activity that suits his or her own interests, so be sure to keep the above ideas in mind when it comes to volunteering in your community.

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Intellectual Property Rights and Plagiarism

Although it is often necessary to use the works and ideas of others when doing research, it is important to understand the principles of intellectual property and plagiarism. There are allowances for using the works of others, but it is important to do so properly to avoid any violations of intellectual property rights. Plagiarism of another’s work, especially in an academic setting, can create many problems including failing grades and possible expulsion.

About Intellectual Property

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Intellectual property refers to a person’s rights to their individual ideas as related to inventions, music, art, applications, written works, and more. These rights are protected through trade secrets, patents, copyrights, design rights, and trademarks. The theory behind intellectual property rights is that people have the right to benefit exclusively from their thoughts and ideas for a period of time. In addition, the theory operates under the belief that people will be less likely to feel motivated to create and design unless there is a financial incentive involved. The hope is that by stimulating the desire to constantly create ind invent, civilizations will experience continued economic growth and development.     Continue reading “Intellectual Property Rights and Plagiarism”

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How to be an effective essay writer

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Reading good books will enhance your word power and increase your stock knowledge of vocabularies and terminologies which is essential in essay writing.  A composition can be written with ease  If you will consider  following  the pre-requisites such as planning, researching, using an outline form to organize the sequence of topic sentences in each paragraph to avoid redundancy.  Writing professionals have their own forte depending on the style and type of writing they inscribe.

Successful essay writers say that they create the best material when they inject a little bit of heart and soul into their writing. As we all know essay writing is not a linear process, that’s why professional essay writers offer their services online and you can point your ‘write my essay’ requests to writers.


For beginners, here are some tips on how to be an effective essay writer.

Content is king. To achieve communication goals, clearly state the essay topic, motive and message. Proper coherence and sensible writing should be observed.

Choose the appropriate type of essay – descriptive, narrative, argumentative, non-literary types and more for the assigned topic you need to write about.

Write the essay following the proper format that is Introduction, body and conclusion or the closing paragraph.  It is good to write quality articles in a natural way for it shows originality and uniqueness.

Make proofreading a habit, correct misspelled words and grammar mistakes. Double check  your sentence and paragraph construction and make the necessary  adjustments.

Writing essays may be a daunting task at times, yet through continuous practice and reading essay works of others, your writing skills will improve. Keep on writing 🙂



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Grandpa’s favorite Für Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven

I am having mixed emotions every time I hear this piece. I am happy and at the same time sad missing my dear grandpa who passed away when I was in college. He always plays and listen to Für Elise along with the other Ludwig van Beethoven’s famous musical compositions. The whole house is filled with this music daily, usually in the early mornings while he is at the kitchen cooking breakfast. He is a great fan of the deaf German composer who is a predominant musical figure in the transitional period between the Classical and Romantic eras.

Continue reading “Grandpa’s favorite Für Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven”

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