Make your Shopping Task Hassle-free

Now that we are living in the era of the digital world, the internet has modernized the way we shop. To save time and money, more and more people prefer buying stuff online over the usual method of going into physical stores, thus making your shopping task hassle-free.

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Today there are many ways of buying stuff online, whether you shop for furniture, electronics, home appliances, clothes, medicines or anything you need. Name it and the online stores have it. Online stores also offer a variety of payment options to facilitate ease and make online shopping experience a pleasing one. You can choose to pay with your credit card, PayPal, COD or cash on delivery or with a debit card like Paytm that comes up with a convenient, safe and secure payment gateway.

Majority of online stores offer better prices as their products come direct from the seller without a middleman involved. Most online stores offer rebates and amazing deals just like what paytm wallet offers. Paytm offers recharge coupons, huge discounts and cash back so you will be surely getting the best deals in town.

Convenience is the biggest advantage in shopping online as you can find a wide array of products in different online stores, there are no lines to wait and you can shop anytime you want to, even if you are in your pajamas. Students can buy the ebook counterpart of their physical heavy-weight books, not only that it makes their school bag lightweight but it helps our environment too. Shopping goods for your family needs will be a lot easier and would not hurt your busy schedule.

Moreover, you can do your Bill payments, buy bus tickets,or book a flight, receive and send money local or international and more. Online shopping can be a very satisfying experience because of the numerous benefits it brings.

Shop Wisely For Quality Clothes

Clothing is one of man’s basic needs, but a lot of people prefer to spend the least when it comes to it. But of course, quality and style should also be considered when it comes to what we wear. When it comes to shopping for clothes, you can find a lot of options for different seasons and occasions. There are designer labels that look both appealing and durable but also comes with expensive price tags and there are also dirt-cheap options that looks like they won’t last a day of you wearing it. Though price is a major consideration, you can still find fine quality clothing items that will not break your budget.


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My Last Shopping Trip To New York

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Last year, I took a short shopping trip to New York to see if I could have a good shopping experience. From the moment I booked a cheap flight to the city to the moment set my foot on the city’s famous streets, I found every reason to smile and be happy. Many department stores in the vibrant city are not far away from each other and can be accessed easily on foot. The following are some of the best stores I managed to visit:

1. Brooklyn Flea Market (Fort Greene)

The Brooklyn Flea market turned out to be one of my most favourite shopping centres in New York. I was amazed by the large number of vendors selling a wide variety products including vegetables, fruits, beauty products, gift baskets, furniture, arts & crafts, plants & flowers, shoes, vintage clothes, toys, modern and traditional musical instruments, pastries, antiques, and books at very affordable rates. I learnt that during winter, the market is usually moved indoors to a large, beautifully decorated space in the former Williamsburgh Savings Bank building found in Flatbush, off the Atlantic Avenue.  Continue reading “My Last Shopping Trip To New York”

Get To Know Your Basic Shopping Rights

Shopping is fun and very exciting most especially if you have enough funds and time.  Some call it therapeutic- good for relieving stress.  It is in fact considered to be one of the most favorite activities of women and sometimes also being used by men to please their better half.

Shopping is basically buying goods in exchange of money and every consumer is entitled to purchase the item in its best quality. However, there are instances when you discover that item you bought is faulty or damaged. And if this happen you are entitled to a refund or a replacement even if the item is not within a warranty agreement or obtained through a gift certificate or discount voucher as long as you can present your proof of purchase. A retailer is not allowed to implement the “no return, no exchange” nor the “no receipt, no return” policy because it is totally not allowed and punishable by law based on the provisions of the consumer act. Another right that the act clearly emphasized is the right of the consumer to be informed of the details about the product that he’s going to purchase like appliances

However, there are also cases when the consumer is not entitled for a replacement or refund. If the damage was intentionally done or perhaps the consumer suddenly has a change of mind and doesn’t want the item anymore.

Christmas Shopping Tips – Shop but don’t drop!

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Retail therapy or better known as shopping for shopaholics connotes a day of fun, a way to escape from an ordinary daily life. As Christmas season is just around the corner numerous bazaars and mall sale are giving out big discounts and shoppers take advantage of the best deals offered. However, after a long day of shopping back pain and headaches are just some of the consequences when you shop till you drop.

Here are tips to endure the pain of Christmas shopping.

Wear your most comfortable clothes and shoes. Shirt and jeans to move comfortably paired with shoes with good padding and support to make long walks at ease.   Continue reading “Christmas Shopping Tips – Shop but don’t drop!”