Anime Dolls: Understanding Your Nendoroid Collection

Toy figurine collection is a popular hobby of today’s youth. Back then, boys and girls are happy to get a matchbox car or a Barbie doll but today, toy figures are no longer limited to cars and dolls. Japanese anime series has a direct influence in the growing popularity of this hobby. You can now find teens – young boys and girls alike seriously growing their collection of Figmas, Pettanko and of course the Nendoroid collection. These anime or magna dolls are not the as common as the usual PVC dolls and statues. They have unique designs that make them highly collectable.



My youngest son is a collector of Nendoroids. These figures are quite pricey and in order for him to buy his chibis, he sets aside a portion of his daily school monetary allowance. But because he is doing well in his studies, we buy him a set as his reward on a quarterly basis that is right after we see his report card.


What exactly are Nendoroids? Basically, it came from the Japanese word “nendo” pertaining to clay or plasticine and as the name suggest, they are small dolls made of plastic. Nendoroid dolls are about four inches tall and they are known for their ‘chibi’ or deformed format meaning, the doll’s head is about one-third of its height!


Nendoroids are well loved and liked because they are adorable doll figures and they come with plenty of changeable pieces. The faces can be changed to show different expressions and the limbs can also be replaced for change in character. You won’t be surprised to find garments that can make your dolls look exactly like the manga or anime character that they are.



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Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Action Figures

Yahmir, my youngest son is fond of watching Final Fantasy and playing Kingdom Hearts in his handheld gadget.  He became interested to collect their action figures.  As these figures are quite pricey, my husband and I decided to reward him these collectibles as long as he maintains his good grades in school.  Every school quarter, we buy him a toy figure for his collection.  

action figures
I do not know the name of these characters/figures lol, but I enjoy looking at them and  maintain their cleanliness too. 
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Collectible Batcopter and Batplane toys

While  I was cleaning the toy rack, I found these two Batman vehicles. Two of the most precious Batman toy collection of my youngest son – the Batcopter and Batplane.  I already have featured Batman cars in my previous post and this is the continuation for the Batman collectible toy series.

Collectible Batcopter and Batplane

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Creating a kid friendly yard

A backyard is the best place for your children to play. You have to work at it to make sure your yard is kid friendly. Some children get a lot of entertainment out of running around aimlessly or chasing each other, but those two activities will keep them occupied only for so long. Children have short attention spans, so you have to have enough in your yard to keep them from getting bored. The classic options for making your yard ideal for children are setting up a playground and putting in a sandbox. Some playgrounds allow you to have sand on the ground. Most of them require the use of wood chips. It’s recommended that you choose sand because it provides more of a cushion when your children fall and doesn’t have nearly as many sharp edges as wood chips. There’s nothing wrong with having an additional sandbox at some other spot in your yard. Your yard will become a sensation throughout the neighborhood and your children will be popular among their friends. Most of all you won’t have to worry about your kids getting bored.

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Two LEGO fanatics at the 1st LEGO Giant Christmas Tree & LEGO Christmas City

My two sons were very excited as we went to see the exhibit of the First LEGO Giant Christmas Tree & LEGO Christmas City at the SM City North Edsa. My eldest son started to play LEGO building blocks at age 7, way back 1998.  His interest in these small bricks influenced his younger brother who’s now 12 years old.
JM’s collection of LEGO blocks were still intact and keeps on growing as he and Yahmir continued playing with it all these years. It keeps them quiet and busy as I can finish my house chores without much disturbance from them.
At first, I only see it as an added clutter but as I saw JM’s creation of beautiful structures. I came to realize that there are many educational benefits that a child could get simply by playing with it. It can improve the hand and eye coordination, encourages interaction and imagination as they converse and exchange ideas on how will they put up a structure, and lastly it can develop and stimulate creativity as they design their own creation.

The LEGO Giant Christmas Tree. I just wonder how long does it take to put a tree made of small bricks and how many hands had worked on it? Sad that I was not able to ask the woman in the front desk for there are many people lingering and asking questions on her, so we just proceeded to see the exhibit instead and I totally forgot to ask my concern afterwards, lol.

My two sons who are LEGO fanatics, happily smiles for a picture-taking with the giant Christmas tree behind them.

Ninjago, one of the latest LEGO products they purchased to add into their collection.

As they look on the details of the creations, they also hunt and keep on counting the minifig Lego Santa.

The next pictures are the beautiful, very creative and fascinating handiworks of small bricks.

My husband and I also enjoyed viewing the exhibit and at the same time happy watching our children so much engrossed in looking at the creations one by one. You can still catch and view it, for the exhibit will go on till January 10, 2012.

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