Christmas Shopping Tips – Shop but don’t drop!

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Retail therapy or better known as shopping for shopaholics connotes a day of fun, a way to escape from an ordinary daily life. As Christmas season is just around the corner numerous bazaars and mall sale are giving out big discounts and shoppers take advantage of the best deals offered. However, after a long day of shopping back pain and headaches are just some of the consequences when you shop till you drop.

Here are tips to endure the pain of Christmas shopping.

Wear your most comfortable clothes and shoes. Shirt and jeans to move comfortably paired with shoes with good padding and support to make long walks at ease.  

Carry a small bag, much better a light body bag carried infront to be safe from pick pockets.

Ask for the store’s employee assistance when reaching for something on the shelf.  Avoid lifting anything that’s too heavy.

Balance the load of carrying your shopping bags by equally using both arms.  It’s wise to have two small bags rather than one big heavy bag.

Drink plenty of water and as much as possible make sure to eat first before you shop. Anticipate the long lines in the cashier counter.

It is advisable to shop in the morning as there is usually less shoppers in the morning and as much as possible do not bring your kids when you go shopping.

Make sure to get a good night’s sleep to get your body prepared for a long shopping day.

Lastly, don’t push yourself to do too much shopping and finish it in one day. Make a schedule and jot down all the things you needed to buy.  In this way you’ll enjoy shopping without dropping 🙂


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