Collectible Batcopter and Batplane toys

While  I was cleaning the toy rack, I found these two Batman vehicles. Two of the most precious Batman toy collection of my youngest son – the Batcopter and Batplane.  I already have featured Batman cars in my previous post and this is the continuation for the Batman collectible toy series.

Collectible Batcopter and Batplane

My husband and youngest son are avid fans of Batman as they never miss any of the Batman movies :).  Aside from watching it from the big screen (theatres), they still will buy a dvd copy as well as Batman’s collectible toys to add to their collection. Well, my eldest son and I join them in watching films of their favorite superhero, but not as enthusiastic as they are, maybe because I am more focused on collecting Barbie dolls and my eldest son is more on his art and techie stuffs, lol.

These Batcopter and Batplane toys are the replica of the fictional personal helicopter and airplane of Batman, the comic book superhero. These mini-batcopter and batplane are highly-maneuverable and swift as seen in the movies.

Well, not only that the father and son are collectors of Batman toys but they also have met the Dark Knight in person. The photo below was taken in 2008 with my youngest son and husband together with their favorite superhero 🙂

My husband and youngest son with Batman


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