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Color Blocking

Step aside black and white! Color is here and it’s demanding the spotlight. Wondering how to really stand out against the masses? Wearing colors has always been fun,but taking it up a notch with color blocking is even better. Mixing and matching colors may sound simple, but if you really want to turn heads be sure to follow the color blocking guidelines.

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When starting out on the color-blocking trend, start simple. Don’t feel like you need to jump full force into the act of mixing and matching colors into the perfect outfit. Starting out with a solid color dress with a different pop of color in the shoes or accessories is the perfect starting point.

Using complementary colors will help you avoid looking like a sick rainbow. Simple color combos like red and blue will stand out, yet still look tasteful. If you need help knowing which colors match well together, consult a color wheel.

One way to shake up color blocking is to go head to toe in similar hues. Wearing a darker shade on bottom with a lighter shade on top, or vise versa, will expand one color into a palate to paint with. Although the outfit is based on different shades of one color, the lightness and darkness will still effectively color block the outfit.

Bright and neon colors are another tool to use when color blocking outfits. While pastel colors are great, when used in color blocking they may appear washed out and lessen the look. Vibrant colors like bright shades of pink, green and yellow provide the effective impact that color blocking sets out to achieve.

While some people may like to color block with only solid colors, don’t be afraid to incorporate patterns! Large polka dots or stripes are great designs to help shake things up. Pairing a patterned top with a colored short is a great way to add a little extra something to the normal color-blocking trend.

Want a quick fix? Look for different dresses, skirts or shirts that already feature aspects of color blocking. This is a great way to easily include many different colors into your overall look.

Remember to slip neutral accessories into your color crazy outfits. This will help balance out the overall look and will add dimension to your outfit. Even if you just throw on some open shoes it will help complete the color blocked look.

Color blocking has evolved into a huge trend. If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to display your personality, color blocking is the perfect way to do it!

This post was written for Joy’s Flair by Monica Fortini. Monica is the fashion purchaser for premier Tampa Bridal Salon.

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