Commemorative coin collection is a treasure to keep

Coins are loose change that we usually keep in our piggy banks. Such coinage circulating around is categorized into three types.

The regular coins are intended for daily commerce usage and typically are issued with the same design for several years.

Commemorative coins like the uncirculated american eagle silver belongs to the category of collectors item. These coins are intended to be used only as souvenirs and most often produced in gold or silver with a proof finish. It is also called as Non circulating legal tender or NCLT.

american silver eagle

The third type is the circulating commemoratives used for buying and selling purposes but the coin design is only issued on a limited number for a limited time. It is usually intended to draw some attention to a specific person or an important event.

Countries all over the world issue commemorative coins to honor and commemorate a particular event or issue. These coins have a distinct design with indication to the happening on which they were issued. Commemorative coins aside from being a great memento also are a treasure for enthusiasts to keep.

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