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Decorating A Room With Different Types of Window Curtains

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One of the easiest ways to decorate a room and upgrade its look without much effort is to change the curtains with something more elegant. Window curtains come in different types, materials, colors, design and styles to suit every home’s overall theme. It gives homeowners a chance to mix and match the kind of window they have with the interior décor of their home.


Usually curtains are chosen according to the kind of window you have in a room.  Drapes are a type of window curtain which is often used in bedrooms to provide privacy and cover the entire window elegantly. Tier curtain is another type which is mainly used to cover bedroom windows. But this one allows better ventilation than drapes.  For other rooms in the house, you may consider different types of window curtains such as café curtains for the dining or kitchen area and valances and net panels for the living room area.


Most curtains these days are tailored or custom fit to suit different types and size of windows. Depending on your desired style or theme, you can choose among a wide variety of materials which include satin, bamboo, net, cotton or other heavy materials. There are also textiles with floral prints, embossed details, graphic prints and many others to choose from.


Image credits: Andy Butkaj (Flickr: Window & Curtains) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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