Dogs are truly a Man’s Best Friend

Owning a pet dog is not just an enjoyable leisure activity. He can be your ever loyal best friend and he can  perform a lot of worthy assistance to humans in cases of emergencies. Our family is a dog lover. We take good care of our pet dogs and treat them as as a family thus, they hold an equal place of importance in our home.


We have a Dalmatian named Taz, a beagle, named Geri, a basset hound named Tom and a dachshund named Timmy. My two sons were the ones who gave them their names. Their monikers were given after their behaviors. Taz, a shortcut for the famous Tazmanian Devil of Looney Tunes, has an appetite that seems to know no bounds and keeps on moving. Geri and Tom were named after the animal cartoon series; the two of them frequently hold fights. While our dachshund is named after his size, instead of tiny we called him Timmy.   Having them brought an enjoyable and pleasurable experience for the entire family.


Taz, the Dalmatian

Geri, the Beagle and Tom, the Basset hound
Timmy, the dachshund


Before we bought them, my husband first discussed to our sons the consequences, responsibilities and commitment in taking care that will last the lifetime of the dogs. In short, he deliberately explained that keeping family pets should not be taken lightly, for they will be regarded as family too. They agreed to take turns in providing them the proper care and nourishment. Possessing them taught my children more on how to be responsible. My sons see to it that they give them a bath and groom them during weekends. They also alternately feed them on a daily basis. As my husband is a doctor of veterinary medicine, he is the one who monitors their health, injects the needed vaccines and immunizations to keep them fit and healthy.


Our dogs are our faithful and sweet home companions. We have them ever since they were still pups. Their unconditional love and affection to us can be sensed through the wagging of their tails and licking once you call them and get near them. They will automatically bark and gleefully would run to meet us once they hear the hum of our vehicle’s engine even if we’re still a few meters away from our house. They are very playful, intelligent, skilled and can easily adopt and learn in their training. They just do not give happiness but they are very good watch guards too.


Dogs can greatly reduce stress and walking with them can keep you fit. They always have an ear to listen closely to every word you say. They may be stubborn at times especially during training so you need to have a lot of patience 🙂


As of this writing, only Geri and Timmy remained alive among our four beloved dogs. Taz died three years ago due to old age, while Tom died two years ago, also due to old age. The whole family really mourned for their lost, especially my youngest son who keeps on weeping the whole day. We are not yet ready to possess additional dogs, as we give our full attention now to Geri, who is also ageing and to Timmy who has just turned two years old.




Pet dogs only ask for a modest favor in return, to give them fine food, clean water, warm shelter and tender loving care. The joy of having them is incomparable.

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  1. we also have house pets, we grew up with so many cats and dogs actually.. and even my nephews and nieces have their own pets now.. 😉 yeah napaka sweet nila, yung dog ko now is my bodyguard, always guarding my door at night while i'm sleeping..  

  2. Dogs are wonderful companions. They accept you for who you are and forgive every fault. That’s perfect love.

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