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Doors and their Significance In The World Of Feng Shui

Many people believe in Feng Shui, including mantras and lucky charms to draw positive energy from the surroundings to their homes.  Proper placement of furniture and other fixtures in designing homes for the sake of luck is very common as what surrounds your home inside and out influence the entry of positive Chi or energy. However, not everyone is aware on how to do it. Following everything is a bit tricky but for first timers; there would always be basic guidelines.

doorsWhen applying Feng Shui to your house, it best recommended to likely start with your doors. They are basically considered to be the entry point of all the luck available. That’s why, it is very important to know where to place it or where should it be facing.

Most houses have two main doors; the front door and another one could either be a kitchen door or any door located at the back or side of your house. Make sure that your door’s size is proportion to the size of your lot and house to promote harmony. It is also important to take note that front door opens inward to fully invite the entrance of the beneficial Chi. 

In order for the Chi to flow freely inside your household, make sure that your door opens easily without any obstacles or difficulties. If the hinges start to squeak, put some oil and do it regularly.

Putting chimes on the door entry can awaken the chi, plants placement by the front door can also strengthen and help draw good energy. However, make sure to take out those weeds that may weaken the chi.

Moreover, it is also recommended to illuminate the path of the chi to your door by placing a bright lamp. Do not forget to choose bright colored door mats like red, gold, blue or green as this will help to energize the area.

In order to summon good chi and improve your life force energy, make your front door an inviting and attractive entry. After all trying these Feng shui tips with your doors won’t do any harm in my opinion, so why not invite the positive chi to get in into your homes now 🙂


Photo credits: fengshuifromtheheart.com

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