Email Verification: A Necessary Action for E-Mail Marketing

Social media and email are common tools used by small and medium sized businesses to promote their products and extend their reach to consumers worldwide. Posts, tweets, newsletters and email campaigns offer a cost-effective platform for generating product interest that eventually leads to sales.  One aspect that should not be taken for granted in implementing these marketing strategies is email verification.

Invalid email addresses or returned mail may sound harmless to an individual, but not for a business owner running a marketing campaign. For one, a message that doesn’t reach its recipient is already a waste of time and effort. A high percentage of returned mail can also pull down the conversion rate and ROI of an email campaign. If left unchecked, invalid emails may lead to high bounce rates and poor reputation for the sender. Small business owners can avoid these negative effects with an email verification tool that can ensure the validity of the addresses in their database.

Undelivered messages may be a result of incorrect email address, invalid or closed mailbox, blocked message, or blocked sender’s IP address. A quick check of your email database can already help you remove bad addresses from your list and reduce the number of messages that do not reach their recipients. This can significantly lower your bounce rate and boost your sender reputation. High bounce rates may prompt some servers to block messages coming from your IP address.  If this happens, then your email campaign can simply go down the drain.

Email verification is a necessary action for businesses relying on e-mail marketing campaigns to generate profits. They help ensure that there are no bad addresses that can affect your sender reputation. They also get your messages delivered to the recipients on time and provide a more accurate profile of your database. If you’re marketing your business, start your campaign right with a clean and valid list of addresses that can get your message through.


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