How to EnsureYour Corporate, Wedding or Party Entertainment Uniquely Exciting

With one of the biggest party seasons upon us, it’s time to start thinking about how we can make sure that our party really stands out from the crowd. Whether you’re planning a Christmas party, a wedding or a corporate event, there’s one key area that can make a massive difference to your guests’ enjoyment: the organised entertainment.


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Having tailored entertainment is absolutely essential when you’re planning your party, as more often than not it’s the part of your evening that your guests will really remember. Whether it’s a group of fantastic singers performing at a wedding or a lively dance group that will get everyone on your feet – entertainment can make a great party an amazing party. Themes that work really well at weddings or parties include The Great Gatsby and the circus. These types of parties are easy to make unique and spectacular, with the addition of wonderful entertainment, such as fantastic live bands, burlesque acts, free-runners and acrobats.

A great way to make your entertainment stand out is by choosing a company where the emphasis is on creating a completely tailored performance and set for your party. This allows them to adhere to your theme and create an appropriate performance that won’t offend any of your guests. Make sure that your corporate entertainment isn’t a ‘one set fits all’ company, as you’ll realise how much you appreciate a personal approach to enhance your function.

Another way to make sure that your party entertainment is the cream of the crop is to choose highly experienced singers and performers that will give you a really top quality show. If amateur isn’t your thing, try Incognito Artists, who have a team of top entertainers from the West End and Broadway. Your guests will be absolutely blown away by the performance from the tenors and divas. A great way to add a really special, surprising moment to your party is to have some of these singers masquerading as waiters, chefs or fellow party goers, who can surprise your guests at any moment by bursting into amazing song. This is sure to be a real highlight at your party and be a memorable moment that’s sure talking point for a long time afterwards.

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