Extending your look through Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions are so popular not only among celebrities but also to beauty conscious women who loves a unique style to give a lift  on their current look every now and then. Attaching real or synthetic hair weaves can add thickness, volume, highlights and length to the the person’s own natural hair. There are cheap full head hair extensions you can buy online from a reputable supplier.

These hair weaves are designed in different colors and texture to mix in and match naturally with the natural hair. If you are planning to get a hair extension, it is important to choose a licensed hair extension professional who will apply the hair extension perfectly and avoid hair damage. When properly maintained it can last 6 months to a year before they need to be removed.

Extensions are available in two types – synthetic and human hair.  Both come  in variety of colors, textures, styles and lengths that would fit your need. Human hair extension is more expensive than the synthetic counterparts due to its high quality. It can be applied in different ways – glued in, woven in, braided in or clipped in.

Getting hair extensions need allocated budget and time commitment as well. The cost will not end in just buying and applying the extension as additional expenses are needed to buy the professional maintenance products designed to keep the extensions as well as the natural hair healthy and in good condition. Moreover, regular trips to your cosmetologist is needed to upkeep the application of extensions as existing hair grows out.

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