Fengshui’s 3 Lucky Immortals: Fuk Luk Sau

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Fuk Luk Sau

Fuk, Luk and Sau, the fengshui’s three lucky immortals represent specific celestial energies for human benefit. According to fengshui sources they are also called the three wise men or the three Star Gods who are the popular deities of wealth, Prosperity, and Longevity.

Fuk is a Chinese character believed to be the personification of planet Jupiter which means blessings of happiness, health and good luck. He holds a scroll (perceived as the importance of learning) or a child (to signify the transmission of good luck to future generations).   It is believed that Fuk is the personification of planet Jupiter.

Luk is often portrayed holding a golden ingot – the weath symbol or a ru yi – the symbol of power. Fame, success, stability and financial abundance is the energy he releases.

The immortal that is described with a high forehead and a warm smile in his face is Sau. He is holding a staff to show that he is very old – thus symbolizes longevity.

Proper display placement is essential to achieve the positive energies they endow. Place them in an area with high visibility side by side in one row in a specific order – Luk on the center with the promise of financial stability and success , Sau smiling on your right side  offering gifts of long and peaceful life and Fuk on the left side with all the blessings and good luck energy. It is believed to be a bad feng shui to place the three wise men on low surfaces, in places directly facing the main door, facing the toilet or under the beam. It is best to display them in the high table or high shelf in the living room or office.

Fuk Luk Sau is a fengshui symbol and fengshui cure most often prominent not only in homes but in most Chinese gift shops, offices and restaurants with burning incense offered for bestowing their gifts on humans.They are used in Chinese culture to denote the three qualities of a good life and believed to be an excellent house-warming gift.


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