Finding fashionable and easy on the pocket plus size shoes

My sons are just like their father, they have an elegant taste in choosing first rate and fashionable footwear, be it running, training or casual shoes they have to have the best.  However, buying these shoes always gives us difficulty, for when they already have chosen the right ones, the size is not available as the three of them have large feet sizes.

My youngest son with size 11 shoes at 13 years old

Men’s footwear is one of the most expensive fashion accessories that burns a hole in my pocket especially when they buy them at the same time.  A pair of made to order custom shoes for office and school use is alright with them but not when it comes to athletic shoes, as with my sons being grown up they usually opt for the latest trends. Instead of waiting for a mall sale to happen and buy discounted shoes, we tend to take advantage of the websites found online such as Net Vouchers Codes that provide shoppers with promotional codes including the best brands in footwear for men.  Shopping for the latest shoe collection will no longer pose a problem for us because aside from the wide range of shoes to choose from, the larger sizes are also made available.

My eldest son shoes also on size 11

It is really a good thing that Fashion Vouchers can be found online, as going to the mall sales is time consuming and very tiring.  Roaming around, hopping from one outlet to another only to get frustrated by finding the shoes of their choice but with no sizes available. Buying their shoes online also keeps us from brushing shoulders with other shoppers during mall sales in order to find stylish yet reasonably priced footwear.  The value of using discount codes will help save our hard earned cash and most importantly will keep us safe from pick pockets which are rampant during wide mall sale.


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  1. It’s great that there are online discount voucher you can use to cut cost. Shoes are really expensive nowadays.

  2. Whoa! what size could this female wear be! We do get what we pay for – I learned that not long ago. That has made me more willing to close my eyes on the money side of shoes for the quality. Your son is quite a good-looking shoe model 🙂

  3. Gosh! Just looking at the photo, your son really got a big feet. haha! I agree with you, its really hard to buy shoes for that size. Everytime I go with my husband to buy a new shoes, I always wear my patience. haha!

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