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Floral Arrangement and Styles for the Modern Home

Floral arrangements for home are simple and inexpensive way of improving the feel and look of your dwelling. Fresh flowers and plants refresh the air and give the eyes a feast and feel of nature indoors. This is why many homeowners go through lengths just to come up with timeless and elegant floral arrangement for special occasions or on any ordinary day. Here are some creative ideas for styles and arrangement of flowers you can do for a modern home.

 floral arrangement


Classy and Chic

For formal occasions celebrated at home, a combination of orchids, lilies, zinnias, tulips and chrysanthemum can create a classy and elegant feel. Just choose colors that will match with the event.


Vibrantly Bold

Let your home come alive with vibrant shades of reds, yellows and the colors of fall. These colors are great for most home décor as long as the shades are not clashing and overwhelming. Stay away from a rose arrangement which can go more of a romantic display rather than homey atmosphere. Ideal blooms are carnations, daisies, hydrangea, tulips and orchids.


Simple and Understated

In most modern homes, you will notice that less is always more. You can go for simpler arrangements that make big statements such as a few lilies in a modern vase for bolder impact. Ideal flowers for these kind of floral arrangement include several pieces of tulips, large daisies, sunflowers, cherry blossoms, lilies and hydrangea.


Summer mix of flowers for delivery from Spruce Flowers and Home, Minneapolis
Image via Flickr.com

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