Food, Supplements, and Drugs: How to Deal with Inflammation

One of the most common causes of pain is inflammation. There are hundreds of inflammatory diseases that you may face on a regular basis, from a common sore throat to more serious ones like rheumatoid arthritis. Inflammation can also be unavoidable in select situations.


While you can’t always prevent inflammatory diseases, there are plenty of remedies to ease the pain and treat the main problem when you do get one. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best foods, supplements, and drugs you can use to deal with inflammation.

A Healthy Diet

Food items aren’t usually instant remedies for inflammation, but they are still effective in easing the pain and reducing the inflammation itself. Adding food items with anti-inflammatory properties can also help reduce the risks of catching inflammatory diseases.

Fish contains a high level of omega-3 fatty acids and minerals that really help reduce inflammation. You can add salmon, cod, or halibut to your regular diet to get the benefit of consuming enough omega-3. You can also get the same omega-3 fatty acid from walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts.

Fruits with plenty of antioxidants are also great for reducing inflammation. Apples, blueberries, cherries, and strawberries don’t just contain a lot of antioxidants; they also contain a high amount of vitamin C. These nutrients help the body eliminate free radicals that cause damage to the cells.

Supplements and Natural Remedies

Adding the right food items to your diet is a great first step towards reducing inflammation and lowering your risk of catching inflammatory diseases. To help supply the body with sufficient nutrients, you can also consume supplements or turn to natural remedies. The latter is also great for treating cases of inflammation quickly.

Supplements derived from garlic are definitely worth considering. Garlic is a great source of nutrients that help ease inflammation quickly. If you don’t want to eat garlic as part of your meals – usually out of fear of bad breath – you can use supplements as a substitute.

Olive oil is another great natural remedy for inflammation. All you have to do is take a tablespoon of virgin olive oil directly. The omega-9 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals the oil contains will reduce inflammation almost immediately.


For a more severe case of inflammation, medication may be the only solution. When dealing with rheumatoid arthritis, for instance, remedies and food items can only eliminate the pain and not treat the actual joint problem.

Humira and Humira alternatives like Amjevita are the kind of medications you need when dealing with bad inflammation. You still need to consult your physician about which drug to take, but medications like Amjevita are known for their effectiveness in treating inflammatory diseases – and rheumatoid arthritis in particular.

It is also a good idea to pair the use of drugs with regular exercise and physical therapy, especially with diseases like arthritis. Use the food items and supplements we discussed earlier to keep inflammatory diseases at bay and prevent future inflammation more effectively. It will not take long before you start seeing fewer symptoms.

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