Four Awesome Martial Arts Training Accessories to Grab Today

Whether you’re a novice to the world of martial arts or a seasoned champ, you certainly should already know that practice makes perfect. A great way to get exercise and be prepared in self-defense basics, martial arts can be a formidable challenge that promises benefit for its users.

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In order to be properly trained and ready for anything, a few martial arts accessories are needed. If you plan on getting in the best shape of your life and having fun at the same time, then you’ll definitely want to grab these four martial arts training accessories ASAP.

Aluminum Training Knives

The aluminum training knife has long been a staple of many martial arts trainers. Used to simulate real-life attack scenarios, this replica weapon can be an intimidating sight for the martial arts novice.

Whether you are planning to teach someone else how to defend against a potential attack or want to incorporate a bit of force into your own practice, the aluminum training knife makes for a great addition to any martial arts arsenal. These knives are brightly colored, modeled after real blades and will help inspire confidence in any workout or training session.

Health Bars

Martial arts trainers understand the inherent value of the health bar – do you? Health bars are the complete package in martial arts training. They can be used as weapons, as flails, as muscle toning machines and as massage tools.

Health bars are often constructed with metal alloys to allow for lightness and speed of use. Perfect for enhancing any practice or training session, the health bar takes an ancient design and understanding into the 21st century with efficient design and manufacturing. The ability to learn balance, speed and offensive techniques via this tool is unprecedented, which makes it a critical tool in any martial arts situation.

Leg Stretchers

The key to any good martial arts workout is the flexibility of your limbs. Without proper stretching and body movement, workouts can be impaired and injuries come easy. Being in the best shape of your life requires a bit of stretching, and leg stretchers make for an excellent tool in any martial arts training session.

A wide variety of leg stretchers exist. You can opt for a complete leg stretcher machine, which is expensive but thorough. Also available are steel leg stretchers and cable leg stretchers, each of which are more affordable and require little to no setup. Developing flexibility and balance is key to martial arts success – because of this, we highly recommend this accessory be added to your regimen.

Weights & Jump Ropes

Being agile and strong in martial arts is a core tenet of success. Without proper agility and strength, the knowledge of key concepts become meaningless. Thankfully, you can maximize the effect of any martial arts workout with the incorporation of a variety of weights and jump ropes.

Wrist and ankle weights make a great addition to any workout, helping you to tone muscle and build strength while achieving the very best workout. For all-around aerobic exercise during and between martial arts workouts, we recommend the use of jump ropes. Not only do they provide valuable exercise, but they also encourage better balance and focus.

What accessories do you make a part of your martial arts routines? Let us know by commenting below.

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