Four Steps You Should Take To Prepare Your Winter Wardrobe

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Winter is here. It’s time to move those summer dresses and t-shirts to the back of your wardrobe and bring your jumpers and jeans to the front. Here is a step by step guide to preparing your wardrobe for winter.


  1. Clear out

It is a good idea to take this opportunity to do an overhaul of your wardrobe. Instead of putting summer items that are past their best back into your closet, you should get rid of them and make more room for your quality clothes. You will find it really helpful if you divide your clothes into four separate piles: toss, donate, fix and clean. Although it can be difficult to say goodbye to your favourite things, if they are permanently stained or have holes, they should be thrown out. Be as honest with yourself as possible when doing your clear out. If you haven’t worn an item for a very long time and you are hanging on to it “just in case” it should be donated to a charity shop. If you have items that have a loose threads or don’t fit you properly, get these fixed before putting them back into your closet. Finally, make sure you include the items in your laundry basket when you are doing your clear out. Some clothes just need a wash to make them look as good as new.


  1. Take stock

Once you have done a proper clear out of your wardrobe you can begin to take stock of your winter items. Start from the top and work your way down. So, first think about your hats. Are they warm enough and will they go with every outfit? Ask yourself these same questions about your scarves, tops, jumpers, trousers, dresses, skirts, etc. Make a list of any items that are missing from your winter wardrobe, or items that you need to get more of.


  1. Buy missing items

With your list, begin to browse online for items that you might like to purchase. Have a look online at the latest styles and make an online “lookbook” for inspiration. Remember that it is a better idea to buy one good quality item that will keep you warm for the whole winter instead of lots of cheap clothes and accessories that won’t last. If you are on a tight budget, keep an eye out for sale items that have decent reductions in price. If possible try to get all your new items bought quickly so that you are fully prepared for when it begins to get freezing outside.

  1. Complete wardrobe

Once you have everything you need for your winter wardrobe, you might find it helpful to organise items by colour and style. Have all your trousers grouped together and arrange them from light to dark. This will make it much easier for you to coordinate your outfits and might make your routine on those dark and chilly mornings a little quicker and easier.


Although it might take time, and you may need to spend a little money, getting your wardrobe prepared for winter will ensure that you are ready to brave the cold in style.


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