Framing and Displaying Cross Stitch Projects

Cross stitching is one of the hobbies that really moved many people from different parts of the world. It became really popular when designs became even more elaborate and looked like paintings from the masters. For many hobbyist, starting these cross stitch projects can be easy, finishing it can take weeks and even months to do so. And once finished, many jumps into the idea of framing and hanging it on one of their walls.

Framing cross stitches may be a popular choice, but there are actually creative ways to make use of your master piece and make it more part of your home than just a hanging decoration.

cross stitch

Why not try sewing your creation onto a throw pillow cases or pillow cases in your bedroom for better appreciation. When you have guest coming in, bring out these specially designed pillowcases with cross stitch designs so that they can rave and talk about it. If you have just finished a huge picture and framing seems a little bit overboard, you can instead have it sewn onto a quilt and make wonderful warmers for your rooms. Smaller projects would find their perfect placed sewn on jackets as patches or into other decorative mats for your side tables.

Sewing and framing are just two of the most popular ways of getting people to look at your handy-work, if you have other things in mind you might want to share, we’d surely love to hear that!

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