Gains from Online Games

The sophisticated world of computers nowadays is a fast and high moving technology, an advanced environment where one can find numerous sites of any sort. It offers fast communications for business owners and the best tool for business to business transactions.

Moreover, it can be a source of entertainment and amusement for all ages, videos and movies alike can be downloaded or streamed online via a streaming app for families during weekends. Online games come in different forms. Action games and fighting games like CounterStrike, puzzle games such as the famous Tetris, racing games like car racing, retro games, shooting games, flash games and the old school Solitaire.

There are gains and benefits we can get from playing online games and they are as follows:

Mind sharpener

Playing an online game can help sharpen one’s mind. Playing the pyramid solitaire for instance boosts concentration. The object of the game is to remove pairs of cards that add up to a total of thirteen with the king being worth 13 from a pyramid arrangement of twenty-eight cards. So, eye, mind and hand coordination are needed. You need to do mental math by removing a pair of cards that add up to 13, like the Queen and the Ace can be removed together as they add up to a total of 13 so as with a Jack and 2, 10 and 3 and so on and so forth.

Online Games

Enhances Memory

Some games require strategy and problem-solving skills to win,, While some games like the classic mahjong solitaire which most elders enjoy playing require the player to remember the stones and combine 2 of the same mahjong stones to remove them from the playing field.

Online Games

Great entertainment

It is not only a fun workout for the mind but it is also a great way to de-stress. It helps drive away tense emotions and thoughts after a long stressful day.

Social benefits

Multi-player games can improve social skills. Social interaction creates a sense of camaraderie among online game communities. It also teaches them how to be persistent, supportive, reliable and team work that makes the dream work. Some online games like Smite come with fun loving animations. Multi-player games give us the chance to meet new people that could open up new friendships. Chatting with the game community members adds a higher pleasure to overcome boredom.

Improve Mental and Cognitive Skills

Mental skills can get better as it boosts our memory and speed in reasoning can be expanded due to analytical thinking. Cognitive skills flourish too. Brain games are recommended to improve mental health especially for older people. In my case I love playing Rubik’s cube, puzzles, crossword puzzles, sudoku, word find and more.

While we take joy in playing online games take, it is important that we also take the appropriate steps to ensure internet safety and set limits to our playing time for our other activities. Online games will not do harm if we play it in moderation.

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  1. My mother-in law- had a mild stroke recently that affected the parts of her brain that processes numbers (to complex for me to understand) and the neurologists recommended games like these as mental exercises. Loved this post!

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