Get To Know Your Basic Shopping Rights

Shopping is fun and very exciting most especially if you have enough funds and time.  Some call it therapeutic- good for relieving stress.  It is in fact considered to be one of the most favorite activities of women and sometimes also being used by men to please their better half.

Shopping is basically buying goods in exchange of money and every consumer is entitled to purchase the item in its best quality. However, there are instances when you discover that item you bought is faulty or damaged. And if this happen you are entitled to a refund or a replacement even if the item is not within a warranty agreement or obtained through a gift certificate or discount voucher as long as you can present your proof of purchase. A retailer is not allowed to implement the “no return, no exchange” nor the “no receipt, no return” policy because it is totally not allowed and punishable by law based on the provisions of the consumer act. Another right that the act clearly emphasized is the right of the consumer to be informed of the details about the product that he’s going to purchase like appliances

However, there are also cases when the consumer is not entitled for a replacement or refund. If the damage was intentionally done or perhaps the consumer suddenly has a change of mind and doesn’t want the item anymore.

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