Getting Ready To Pop The Question

Are you getting ready to pop the big question, but you aren’t too sure how to make the proposal one that will truly blow her away? Coming up with the perfect way to ask her to marry you can be a big challenge for any guy, even the most romantic of them. You probably think it has to be a big gesture, one she’ll never forget. But, what’s important, is that it is personalized to your relationship. That’s a lot of pressure.


We have some great ideas to help you prepare to pop the question and ensure it is an unforgettable moment. As part of your preparation, make sure you check out diamond engagement rings in Brisbane from The Diamond Jewellery Studio.

Preparing for the Proposal

  • The Location

Try to choose a location that is sentimental to your special relationship. For instance, the restaurant where you had your first date, or the bar where you shared your very first kiss, or perhaps the spot where you first met, or said those three little words. Going back to a location that has meaning for your proposal shows that your relationship has been a special time and it is now time to take it to the next level.

  • Surprise Her by Involving Friends and Family

You may want to get friends and family involved in helping you figure out what kind of engagement ring she wants and her ring size, but why not get them involved in the proposal, too? Perhaps you could pop the question at a special holiday dinner or family gathering? Or, if you’d prefer the proposal to be private, you could arrange to have the most special people in your lives hiding just out of view or waiting to celebrate somewhere with you. There’s something quiet special about sharing the moment with your nearest and dearest.

Alternatively, with the holidays just around the corner, why not incorporate the proposal? With friends and family in town for the holidays, you could make sure they save the date for your proposal.


  • Consider Hiring a Photographer

Get the professional photographer to hang out near the proposal location and secretly capture the magical photos of your proposal set up. Professional photographers know just how to perfectly capture the light, make the setting look whimsical, and position themselves to get that priceless shot as you ask her to marry you. Best of all, you could keep it a complete surprise and give her the engagement photos as an extra-special wedding day gift.

  • Consider Using Music

Is there a particular song that is really meaningful to the relationship? Or, perhaps you both clearly remember the very first song you ever slow-danced to with one another? Having a significant tune playing in the background can elevate your proposal to extra-special and unforgettable for sure. Even better, take her in your arms and slow dance, regardless of who is around and where you are, and even if you’re somewhere public. Just gather her close and move together for a memorable moment.

With these tips, you’re sure to have a proposal she’ll never forget.

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