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Give Your Kids The Ultimate Bedroom Makeover With This Handy Guide

Decorating your children’s bedrooms can be a lot of fun. There doesn’t seem to be any boundaries on the funky furniture or colour choices. You can let your imagination run wild. But it’s very easy to cross that fine line of a perfectly balanced and styled room, to something a little to over the top. So I thought I would share with you a quick guide to giving your children’s bedroom the ultimate makeover.


Pick their favourite colours

Decorating your child’s bedroom can be a lot of fun, but it would be a great idea to get them involved a little. The perfect way to do this would be to ask them the colours in which they might want their room decorated in. If it is something particularly bright, you could choose to do a feature wall in that colour and leave the rest of the room neutral. If you have children sharing, then they could pick a wall each for their particular colours. Allowing you to make the room both of theirs without compromising on a colour choice. What is great is that clashing colours can work well on separate walls. It could give a natural divide to the room allowing each child an individual space. If it is being decorated for one child then just picking one wall or allowing them to pick two colours could be an option. The beauty of this is only certain walls are being painted, meaning if the others are in a good condition and a neutral colour there is less work overall.

Add some feature pieces of furniture

While replacing a lot of the furniture can be pricey the best thing to do would be to stick to certain key pieces. This might mean a funky bed or some storage units that are a little different. If you are having your children share a room, then you should consider checking out Cuckooland’s collection of kids bunk beds. The bed is a focal feature of any bedroom, so make sure that the same applies to your children. It may even encourage them to go to bed at bedtime because they will love spending time in their room.

Don’t forget the soft furnishings

Your child’s bedroom should be a place for them to relax and play in. So make sure you provide lot’s of comfort and options in the way of soft furnishings. These can work well when it comes to styling the bedroom as well, without the need for spending a lot of money. Things like cushions and blankets. You can get some bright and colourful ones that will enhance the room.

Add different zones for different functions

Finally, consider different zones in the bedroom to encourage different things. If your children are sharing then maybe making their own individual spaces would be a good idea. Other things to consider would be a work area, a play area, and perhaps a reading nook.

I hope this has inspired you to makeover your child’s bedroom.


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