Why Giving Custom Gifts to Your Important Clients Proves Advantageous

Why Giving Custom Gifts to Your Important Clients Proves Advantageous

There’s little doubt that giving clients customised corporate gifts is generally a better choice and offers greater returns than gifts which haven’t been customised.

However, as with the giving of any gift, thought for the recipient and their need for a particular gift must be factored into the estimations of businesses, for although giving customised gifts are a great way to further awareness of a business brand there must be a genuine need for the gift otherwise it could prove superfluous and therefore a waste of marketing capital.

Consequently, although customised gifts are a great choice of gift because they assist in the creation and furthering of brand awareness, there must be a genuine need for a gift if it’s to have the effect and impact that business organisations wish to see.

As a result, you’re advised to think about your clients’ interests and needs when giving gifts customised with your brand.

Why give customised gifts?

There are two prominent reasons for giving your clients customised gifts; firstly, to build strong relationships with your client base, and secondly, to further awareness of your business brand in their minds.

Research shows that business organisations which give customised gifts regularly, for example, two or three times a year, enjoy greater exposure and it’s this exposure that results in a desirable increase in business activity.

This increase in business activity is directly related to the exposure they receive and by giving quality gifts that their client base has need of and will use regularly they’re never far from their minds.

Moreover, if it’s a customised gift that offers high visibility in the office, for instance a customised coffee mug or as is increasingly popular in the digital age, a customised USB, then the branding awareness process goes even further because other people are also exposed to the business brand.

What gifts are popular?

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This is a question that many business managers and owners ask but it’s a tricky question to answer because of the complexity of the situation, i.e. every client has different interests and tastes to cater for.

Some gifts, like the traditional branded pen or nowadays, the branded USB, are generally seen as suitable for all because it’s a safe bet that everyone has a need for a pen or USB in the office.

However, as with all customised gifts, any gift given must be of a high quality so as to –

a) ensure that they last and effectively further brand awareness,

b) not break quickly and cause the recipient to think less of the business for giving poor quality gifts and

c) effectively convey appreciation to the client for using the business’s products and/or services.

Customised gifts have the best effect and most impact when they’re useful and related to the business’s products/services.

For example, gyms give gifts that are relevant to sports and fitness, like branded water bottles and sports supplement shakers, which are gifts that are relevant to what they do and their clients have a genuine need for them; moreover, when they’re of the same high quality as lanyards in Canada, and can therefore be used time and time again, successful brand awareness ensues.

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The timing in which custom gifts are given is often just as important as the gift itself, with birthdays being prominent times to give customised gifts, as are anniversaries (to commemorate the initiation of the business relationship) and membership renewals, for example, when gym members renew their membership.

Giving customised gifts is a great way to strengthen relationships and further brand awareness, though attention must be given to suitability, quality and timing.


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