Tips for Giving your Child their First Car When They Turn 18

Tips for Giving your Child their First Car When They Turn 18

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If you have a kid who’s just turning 18, gifting them a brand-new car is the one thing that’s sure to rock their world. It’s one of the most amazing feelings when you own that first car. Many parents also give their old/used cars to their children. It’s considered a safer and more economical decision given the fact that they’re new to the whole thing and getting the bumper slightly dented on a used car is much more reassuring than having the same experience on a new car. It’s a fairly common practice and its sort of like letting your kid start their own life, as an adult. It’s equally energizing for the children as well as it’s a moment of joy for the parents.

However, how many of you have seriously thought about the aspects of this other than a gift? Have you considered the type of car, how your child will manage it, the payment plan, the safety precautions, and the fuel costs? Of course, if you happen to have a spare car lying around or if you can cough up enough bucks to buy a brand new one, then mileage won’t be an overarching concern for you. But it still makes an impact on the budding career and self-sustenance of the child. In that context, here are a few tips to look for when giving your child his/her first car as they turn 18.

It’s a compromise

Let’s face it, you and your child will have different priorities when it comes to that first car. When you are thinking safe and steady, your kid will probably be thinking of something that they can show off in front of their peers. While browsing through options, know and consider what your kid wants at this age. We’re not saying you should give in to those but let that be also a factor. Several models also look good and give that thrill when you are behind the driving wheel while also being generally safe and economical.

Safety and standards

Whether you are buying the car for your child or for any other reason, it’s always newer the better. Technology and safety regulations are always evolving, and you can’t expect the same quality standards from an old automobile as compared to a newer one. You can check out the safety regulations of the concerned government authorities and leading auto reviewers to learn about the safety parameters of cars. Sometimes, an oldie classic might get crushed during a collision, but a mediocre but modern model can leave its passengers with bare scratches. That’s what you should think of while considering cheaper and older models.

Tips for Giving your Child their First Car When They Turn 18
Tips for Giving your Child their First Car When They Turn 18 : favorite color

Reliability and brand

This is a curious factor. When different people can advise you to go for different brands and models. A quick search over the internet or sparing a few hours through some YouTube videos can help you filter and finalize the best options for new drivers. Similarly, when it comes to brands, most well-known brands are pretty much reliable, and you can easily find one that suits your specific requirements. For instance, some brands offer more luxury and features over their competitors in the same price segment. You can easily find out what those are and decide if they make a difference before finalizing. It’s also advisable to go for lower to mid-range cars for new drivers as insurance costs itself for higher segments can be huge, especially when your kid is just starting on their own. This brings us to the next part.

Insurance, maintenance, and reliability

Cars with powerful engines, though give more rev and can be appealing to the hormonal teens, costs more. They are usually categorized in higher insurance segments which again takes a toll. Your kid will have to pay more, in service and maintenance for a car in the higher price range. Luckily, there are ways you can ensure the protection of your car without having to pay a hefty sum as a premium for insurance. Gadgets like GPS trackers are particularly effective in combating theft. They can alert you in case the car ever leaves the premises without your knowledge and can help you track it down and retrieve it with the help of law enforcement easily. It’s also a great way to make sure that your kids are safe when they are finally taking that road trip with their friends on their new ride. It also serves as proof while claiming insurance, given you are opting for a reliable and reputed service provider.

When gifting or helping them buy their first car, be supportive and caring but also allow them space and freedom. It’s a very important decision and the teen years mean they believe they can decide on their own. It’s up to you to be the voice of reason and help them make the right choice.

Also, there’s one more tip that we missed. If you are planning to make it a surprise, then make sure to take a video and save it. Those moments only come by rarely, and you want to make sure you have it for a nostalgic memory.

Tips for Giving your Child their First Car When They Turn 18
Tips for Giving your Child their First Car When They Turn 18 : convenience

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