Green eyeshadow, wear it or not?

The green eyeshadow is the makeup trend this Spring/Summer 2013. The most common question for this new fad is – to wear it or not, a go or a no? Well, we only have to keep in mind that no matter how popular a style is, it is not always suitable for everyone especially when not executed correctly.


green eyeshadow
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Since green is not a neutral color, women should be extra careful in applying this shade. Trying on different shades of green on your skin tone can do the trick.  According to makeup specialists, pastel to medium shades are most flattering for fair skin tones, while brighter hues are suitable for dark skin tones. 

Look fabulous on a sexy night out by sporting in deep green mixed with slight specks of gold and blue. Red and green eyeshadow combination goes well for light skin tones, together with pink blushes.  For darker skin tones, the blend of coral, bronze and honey blushes makes a great pair with the green eyeshadow.

Do not forget to give your eyes more depth by applying a black eyeliner and mascara. Choose a more formal green shade for office wear, a more fancy green for parties and social events.

Green eyeshadow is cool isn’t it? However, it is advised to stay away from green eyeshadow if you easily get red eyes either from tiredness or from wearing contact lenses, or else you’ll look horrible.

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