Guidelines in finding the perfect jeans for you


First and foremost, we must find age-appropriate jeans, of course we do not want to look outdated, yet not every jean will look good on different ages no matter how trendy it is. A straight leg Levis Jeans with no bells or whistles are appropriate for women in their 20s, 30s or 40s.

For women it is important to know your curve to exactly know your right custom fit. Remember that it’s the shape and not the size that matters. It is also important to consider a trendy color like brown, black, gray or blue.

for him – slim straight jean
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A darker wash jean should be taken into account if you want versatility as they will fit an array of settings aside that they are flattering when paired with a nice fitted blouse or long-sleeve button-down shirt for a more formal look.

Keep away from extremely dark wash jeans if you opt for flexibility and adaptability, since they may prove harder to dress down. Dark wash jeans are for business casual look, while medium to light washes are strictly casual jeans.

Before buying jeans, try it first to make sure you will be getting the correct size as different designer brands may vary on how they size their product. Take several pieces with you in the dressing room and study yourself in the mirror if it will compliment your body.

Wear the shoes (sneakers, flats or wedge) you plan on wearing most often with the jeans you’ll be purchasing.

Lastly, get your jeans tailored if the bottom hem is too long.

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