Healthy Triple Cheese Kimchi Sandwich

Healthy Triple Cheese Kimchi Sandwich

Not only Korean dramas have recently invaded Philippine society but they also have greatly influenced the trends in fashion, music, cosmetics,  food, and drink preferences of many Filipino nowadays.

Our family is not an exception when it comes to binge-watching K-dramas and eating Korean foods as well. I make our Kimchi as it goes well with any fried viand like chicken or even fish.

What is Kimchi?

The famous Kimchi is a Korean traditional side dish made of fermented and salted vegetables, like napa cabbage or radish. It is so easy to make and ingredients are readily available in nearby supermarkets or you can buy ready-made too.

Health benefits of Kimchi

According to Healthline, this fermented side dish offers many health benefits. However, as we all know, probiotics and beneficial bacteria need to be consumed regularly. Thus, for the health benefits of Kimchi to be effective, you have to include it in your meal regularly.

  • As it is mainly made out of vegetables, it is low in calories and full of beta-carotene, vitamins C and A, other minerals, and antioxidant compounds.
  • Contains probiotics that improve digestive health, strengthen the immune system and improve heart health.
  • It may aid in weight loss and prevent yeast infections and inflammation.

Do cheese and kimchi go together?

Yes, its tangy and spicy flavor complements well with melty cheese.

Triple cheese or three-cheese Kimchi sandwich is easy to make as it is just like a grilled cheese sandwich with a twist for a healthy snack.


Triple Cheese Kimchi Sandwich


2 bread slices, I prefer the wheat bread slice

1 tablespoon butter

½ cup grated  Cheddar, mozzarella, and any other mild cheese like quick melt cheese

¼ cup coarsely chopped (drained) kimchi


Over medium heat, heat a large skillet.
Thinly spread butter on one side of the bread. Place the 2 slices of bread with butter-side down side by side, leaving enough spot in the skillet for cooking kimchi.

While cooking the bread for 3 minutes, stir kimchi and butter to the empty spot in the skillet.

Turn one slice of bread over, then add the grated cheese to the toasted side of the bread. Add the fried kimchi and then put the other toasted slice of bread on top

Pressed down using a spatula, allow to cook for another 2 to 3 minutes, until the bottom of the sandwich turns golden brown. Turn it over.

Serve while hot.

Best for breakfast and snacks. Enjoy!

Triple Cheese Kimchi Sandwich

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