Hello Kitty Madness

Since 12 years old I was already a big fan of Hello Kitty and other Sanrio Characters like My Melody and Little Twin Stars. I keep on collecting her bits and pieces which can be found on a variety of stuffs ranging from school and office supplies to fashion accessories and high-end consumer products. Initially, Hello Kitty’s market is aimed for children and pre-adolescent females but later on, even grown-ups became fond of her.

My Hello Kitty Collections

my mini Hello Kitty bag


My pins and ribbons Hello Kitty organizer bag


my favorite Hello Kitty keyboard


She was first designed by Yuko Shimizu, portraying a female white Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow. Her first item appearance was on a vinyl coin purse introduced in Japan in 1974, and on 1976 she was brought to United States.

Do you know that Hello Kitty’s real name is Kitty White? As per official character profiles for Hello Kitty, she was born in the outer edge of London, England on November 1, a bright and kind-hearted girl. She is good at baking cookies, fond of her mother’s homemade apple pie and likes to collect cute things. She has a twin sister named Mimmy, portrayed as shy and very girly with a high interest in sewing and dreams of marriage.  Hello Kitty is very close to Mimmy, while she wears a bow on her left ear, Mimmy wears hers on the right.

There are a lot of adult Hello Kitty stuffs that I saw at the Sanrio online store that I would like to buy in the near future 🙂

HK laptop case


HK Tote Bag


Adult Black Long Tank


From 1974 up to the present time Hello Kitty madness has never faded and her market continuous to grow as she had won the hearts of the majority of females who are Hello Kitty lovers 🙂


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