Holden Colorado: Luxury and Style on the Road

Chevrolet is popular for its mean line of cars and the Holden Colorado could be their biggest and meanest 4×4 SUV to roll on the road. The Colorado actually has a wide range of models, but for those who would love a smooth road adventure and travel tough off-road environments, then the LTZ 4×4 crew cab is the car for you.

 holden colorado


Our family loves a big vehicle as it does not only provides a comfortable ride but its cabin offers decent proportions all-round and good adequate storage options. My boys were quite impressed with the latest design, style and luxury of this vehicle. It is a dream car indeed for many but you have to get to know it in-depth to really fall for it. Despite its huge size, the Colorado is said to drive like a cloud, well big cloud if you must say. It has amazing torque, power and grunt that would make anybody want to step up. It has independent double wishbone suspension as well as coil springs at the front end and leaf springs at the rear for extra clearance which makes driving her completely comfortable and smooth all the way.


Driving this crew-cab can be tough; you need to pay attention when you are parking or while you are driving. Its monstrous size will make parallel parking and angle parking almost impossible to pull off. This parking dilemma has been fixed with the LTZ model, for a new reversing camera that accompanies rear parking sensors is one of its prime features.


The Holden Colorado LTZ 4×4 crew cab value, features, design and over-all performance as a do-it-all workhorse is definitely a best buy for the family’s new ride.

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