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Home Lighting 101: The Essentials Every Homeowner Should Know

Living in a beautiful home is not only pleasing to the eyes, but is beneficial to the overall well-being of individuals as well. It’s not just about the aesthetics, but should be more on the comfort level it can provide to its inhabitants. In a study conducted, it has been found that individuals who live in houses that have good lighting conditions and spic-and-span surroundings are generally more productive and have a better outlook on life compared to those who live in places where lighting conditions are poor and are severely cluttered.




Home lighting 101

That said, it’s therefore very important for homeowners to take the lighting seriously aside from merely installing them for the sake of beautification. Lighting installation must be done with security and functionality in mind. Style, more often than not, should only be a bonus.

Lighting a modern-style home

Modern themes, however, don’t really require ornate and intricate designs when it comes to decor and lighting because they are generally minimalist in nature. This means that detail in modern style interiors are usually limited to clean and crisp lines, smooth textures, and consistent patterns. Even colors are typically neutral with bold and solid accents. The basic goal in modern design is to come up with a clean, fresh, and organized look punctuated with sophisticated statement pieces here and there.

Striking a balance in modern interiors can be tricky, as it’s easy to overdo on the rule of minimalism, but by focusing on one or two standout pieces that will give a point of focus or add depth to the room, you will be able to achieve much without adding many. For instance, you can purchase modern light fittings and install energy-efficient bulbs so that there is a contrast to the otherwise bland and bare space. In the living room, a bold statement pendant light that comes in an unconventional shape, pattern, or texture will definitely spruce up the plain interior.

And since modern design is more on function than on aesthetics, you should be able to figure out the specific purpose of each area in the house in order for you to set the lighting conditions required for productivity. Here’s a more detailed guide to properly lighting certain areas of your home:

Living room

Since this is an area where many of the interactions among household members take place, task lights may be necessary in the living room. A chandelier which gives overhead light source is usually a smart pick for this area.


A lot of work is done in the kitchen, therefore adequate lighting is mandatory. Installing spotlights under cabinets will be useful in food preparation as these provide focused lighting on small working areas such as sinks and countertops.


Being the ultimate room for rest and relaxation, it’s important that bedrooms are lighted accordingly. While traditional and Victorian style bedrooms may take advantage of elaborately designed chandeliers, modern homes can go for a laid-back, relaxing feel by installing wall sconces that have dimmers — providing for a soft, dramatic ambience for the extra stressful days.

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