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How to design tiny yet functional spaces

If you have a tiny space for living, there are some ways you can make it functional, comfortable and inviting. Here you will learn some of the tricks and approaches you can apply in furnishing and decorating it. Use them to make your small home look larger. When space is limited, it is certainly valuable. These innovative approaches will help you design your rooms in a practical and aesthetically pleasing way.

First make calculations to estimate your floor plan and the size of each room. Then measure how much of the space of each room you will use for furniture and appliances and how much will be left free. Make sure you leave enough space to move freely in every room. Avoid cluttering your rooms.

After- kitchen- small but now functional

Store your books, magazines and newspapers in bookshelves. This way your rooms will be more tidy, organized and you will save more of your space. Buy storage containers to keep your possessions and make your rooms more functional. Floating shelves can be used to organize and store your belonging, so that they are tidy and functional. Buy bookshelves, floating shelves and storage containers and position them in different rooms in your home. This will reduce the clutter in it and save you a lot of living space. Keep these pieces of furniture tidy and make sure you don’t forget to provide their regular cleaning.

If you want your rooms to look larger than they really are, a great way to accomplish this is by adding mirrors in them. Not only the rooms will look more stylish but visually they will seem bigger. Lean a mirror stretching from the floor to the ceiling against a window and the effect of vast space will be impressive. Position your mirrors in a way that they will reflect the light in the room. This way you will add natural colour to the dark corners of the room, making them brighter.

Buy multi-purpose furnishings like couches, sofas which offer place to pack away and hide blankets, pillows, toys and other items. This way you will need less pieces of furniture and reduce the clutter. You can also buy a bed with high platform to have the additional storage space you need in your bedroom. The bed should have options for hidden storage, where you can put away bedclothes and other things.

Another thing you can do to keep your small space tidy and functional is de-clutter regularly. Give away or throw items which you don’t use and need. This way you will not only free space in your rooms, make them easier for cleaning, but also make space for the new items you decide to buy and add in your home. Use room dividers to make your home areas more livable. You can place a bookshelf or other storage solutions to split one room and use it as two. This will make your home more functional and attractive.

Tiny spaces should have clear and easily accessible walkways. To achieve this, buy the self-storage units you need and keep the furniture and possessions you don’t need for the moment there. You should choose the furniture in your rooms very carefully. If you decide to have a large piece of furniture, make it the focal point in your room. Don’t use more than one large pieces of furniture in it. Instead choose only one and furnish around it accordingly. Arrange the furniture, appliances and all things in a way that the movement in every room will be free and unobstructed by anything. This is very important for tiny spaces and will make them functional and comfortable.

If you use these ideas and tips for designing tiny yet functional spaces, you can make your rooms comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and easy for maintaining. Small spaces take less time for cleaning and once you furnish them properly, you shouldn’t have problems keeping them functional.


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