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How To Show Hidden Files and Folders

This is a tutorial on how to show the hidden files and folders of the Drive C of your computer system.  In my experience it is very useful and important that these files and folders are shown in order to easily detect unwanted files mingling with them.  Most viruses hide and mutate too.  

These hidden files and folders are essential components of your system, so be very careful not to alter or delete it, or else an error will occur the next time you boot up your personal computer.  

The following are the steps on how to Show Hidden Files and Folders:

Open My Computer > click Tools > click Folder Options > click View

Tick on show Hidden Files and Folders
Uncheck the  next two  Hide settings
Then click OK
Now, you will see this when you open your Drive C. The files and folders in the boxes are the hidden files and folders of your system.

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  1. Thanks for the info! 🙂 I have lots of hidden files but never got the chance to see them. I do not know naman kasi how they've become hidden in the first place. Hehe! This is very helpful.

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