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How to use a fire extinguisher

Fire can bring big property damage and loss; it could bring casualties or worst fatalities to family members. Almost daily in the news a fire happens more often in residential areas. Prevention and proper education on how to keep your home safe from fire is a must to learn.

Teaching kids about fire safety should also begin at home. Explaining to them how dangerous fire can be, like playing with matches and lighters which can hurt them badly and burn their skin.  

fire extinguisherAside from installing smoke detectors and sprinklers inside our homes, it is best to have a fire fighting equipment always available. You can look for fire extinguishers from fire protection online for tips on classes of fire and fire extinguisher types, how many extinguishers does your home need, to know the proper place where to mount and position and more.

However, having a fire extinguisher in one corner is not enough; each member of the family should know and learn how to use it, except for small kids who  still cannot handle its weight yet they should also know what it can do.

I have found a good reference on how to use a fire extinguisher. Printing and posting it beside the fire extinguisher is a good idea. It is important to familiarize ourselves on how to put off fire.

The acronym PASS from is a simple guide and instruction on how to use a fire extinguisher.

It is also necessary for the fire extinguishers to have annual maintenance and periodic inspections to ensure its reliability. Recharging or refilling extinguishers should be done correctly, so better opt for a reputable company that offers such services.


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