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How You & Your Partner Can Live Together in Harmony

If you’re in a committed relationship, then you’re going to want to move in together eventually. This is the next logical progression for two people who love each other. So you’re going to need to try to ensure that you can live together in relative harmony. Now there are a few things you can do to achieve this, and you’ve got to think about what those things are before you actually take the step.

This is a big step and a big commitment for you as a couple and it’s something that could end badly. You want to try to prevent the possibility of this move signalling the decline of the relationship. Have a look at these ideas that will help the two of you live in harmony. Whether one of you is moving in with the other, or you’re getting your own place together, these ideas will help. Make sure you follow these points carefully and do what you can to try to implement them for the sake of your relationship.


Agree on Things Before Moving in Together

Right, the first thing you’re going to need to do is to sit down and agree on some things before you move in together. This will be especially important if one of you is moving into the other one’s place. You need to establish how the mortgage and bill payments are going to work. It’s also going to be important to set some ground rules. You’ll be moving into your partner’s place that they might have had for a long while. They could be set in their ways and have everything in a specific order. You’ll need to talk about the process and come up with ideas that will help make the transition a smooth one.

Draw up a Rota

A lot of couples will not need to do this, but some of them might want to come up with a rota. This could be for things like cleaning and regular household chores. The benefit of a rota is that it means that everyone knows what needs to be done, and who’s doing it. It also spreads things out and makes them fairer. You might even think about doing a cooking rota as well each week. Drawing up a rota is a good way of sorting out arguments and disputes, and making things a little more harmonious.

Joint Account

Now that you’re in a relationship and living together you might want to combine your finances. It makes much more practical and financial sense to pool your resources. So, why not set up a joint account that both of you can use, and have your wages paid into it? This way you have double the money that either of you would normally have. It will help with paying things like rent, mortgage and bills. You can both use the account freely, but make sure you are sensible about it as well.

Make the Bedroom Perfect

Because you’re living together, you will now be sleeping in the same room, and that means getting the bedroom perfect. Have a look at the range of air beds at iZoneBed.com so you can customise the bed perfectly. You also need to think about the temperature in the room and decide whether to have the window open or closed. Have a think about the sort of duvet and blanket you might need and how bright it is in the room. The idea is to try to make sure that conditions in the room are perfect for both of you to get a good night’s sleep.

Don’t Bring Work Home With You

One thing that a lot of couples struggle with is bringing their work home with them. This leads to added stress at home and contributes to causing more rows and stress. So you need to try to switch off and not bring your work home with you; physically and metaphorically. However, this can sometimes be easier said than done. It will often depend on the sort of job you do, and what the levels of stress are like. Try to be efficient during your working day so you have little to no work to bring home with you.

Eat Together

If you can, you should always try to take the time to eat together as a couple. This is an important ritual to adhere to because it helps you to bond and spend time together. Dinner time is the perfect time to relax and unwind and talk to each other about your day. Try to make sure you do this as much as you can because it help you to bond and get time together. Try to schedule a time each day when you’re going to have dinner, and do what you can to make it count. You might even consider having a date night away where you have dinner out.

Be Considerate

You have to remember that you’re not living alone anymore. And that might mean having to change a few of the habits you used to have. You have to be more considerate of your partner’s needs now that you live together. That means you may be going to bed at different times and you need to keep noise levels low. You will have to make sure you clean up after yourself and don’t leave stuff lying around. Being considerate of one another is the best way to make sure you live in harmony and get on well together.


Socialise at Weekends

It’s also important that you maintain an active social life. When you’re living together there’s always a danger you’ll be living on top of each other. That means you’ve got to get out and about together and interact with others. The week might be very busy, but the weekends are free for the two of you to do some socialising. This is an important part of the process of helping you grow and evolve as a couple.


Living together should be something amazing that marks an important next step in your relationship. What you don’t want is for it to turn into the thing that drives a wedge between you. That’s why you need to make sure you live together in harmony as much as you can. There are a few things you can do to achieve this, and you might want to use this list as a reference point to help you do that.


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