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Ideas for outdoor plants

I have been toying around with the idea of getting some plants for my outdoor spaces โ€“ I think they just need a bit of green and a splash of colour to bring them to life and make them, on the whole, more inviting to be in and around.

There is something special about outdoor containers with flowers that can instantly transform any space, be it a balcony, small courtyard or a large garden into an inviting and intimate location. Due to the massive range of plants and flowers you can fit into even the smallest of pots you can really stamp your style on your outdoor spaces. I personally decided to go for small conifers, just to provide some greenery year round lined with some small perennials that gave them some much needed colour. It brightened my courtyard up immensely. Now itโ€™s a place I like to sit and relax in on an evening.

There are plenty of themes you could apply to the space, whether you are a fan of country settings, modern monochrome styles or possible something more out there such as an oriental style.

Country chic is a popular trend for cottage gardens and small courtyards. The look is best achieved by mixing and matching colourful containers filled with flowering plants. Here weโ€™ve carefully positioned these mismatched containers on some old fashioned fold away chairs. Outdoor-friendly props such as these are a great way to add interest to an outdoor space.

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  1. We are actually blessed with a spacious garden. But we’ve only managed to put a few outdoor containers since most of the flowers that we grow are already planted on the ground. But of course, the idea of putting flowers in this type of container definitely brings more emphasis to any outdoor space. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Flowers can really bring a much needed splash of color and easily jazz up any space. There is also something about them that makes the entire area appear softer and more pleasing to the eye. Just another wonderful thing about nature.

  3. I used to have plants in our balcony but the neighbors above us were throwing cigarette whatnots and other stuff so I quit…I just have some plants and herbs in the house… :/

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