Keeping fit and in shape after pregnancy

Image by Tim Kraaijvanger from Pixabay
Image by Tim Kraaijvanger from Pixabay

As any mum knows only too well, regaining your pre-pregnancy figure is hard work.

Some don’t even manage it such is the radical change the body undergoes during the three trimesters!

In my case, I only worried about my figure during my first pregnancy – by my second I already knew how to quickly whip myself back in shape.

There are specific exercises you can do depending on your delivery method – caesarean or normal child birth delivery. A balanced diet and regular exercise of any kind coupled with a little helping hand with supplements from somewhere like Gold Bee can help speed up your body’s recovery.

fit and in shape after pregnancy
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It’s always best, though, to seek medical advice first before embarking on a new diet or fitness regime following a pregnancy and it’s recommended to allow six weeks after giving birth in order to let your body fully recuperate. It is best recommended too to undergo nutritional testing to know which vitamin supplements to take, as we are already aware of vitamin deficiency after pregnancy.

The body undergoes a number of dramatic changes both during and after pregnancy. After giving birth, there may be a web of stretch marks around the abdomen caused by the extensive stretching of the skin, which can leave a loose belly giving the illusion of somebody still being pregnant. Diet planning also plays an important role to regain back a healthy body.

Losing this belly takes time, determination and patience.

Be ready to play the long game and start off your new fitness regime with exercises such as swimming, which can be a great way of easing yourself back into things. Swimming will make use of every muscle group and get to work on tightening and toning up your stomach.

Once you’ve eased yourself into things and feel ready to move up a gear, try something more strenuous, like a fitness class at the gym or a good, old-fashioned gym session.

Doing interval training can get quick results. An example of this would be walking at a brisk pace for one minute, jogging for one minute and running for one minute – and then repeating over and over again. If you are going to step things up, consider using products from trusted manufacturers, which can help improve performance and to lose weight.

Breastfeeding is another weight-loss tactics that works for new mothers as well as ensuring your child gets all the nutrients he or she needs.

The most important thing to remember for new mums wanting to get fit is to be patient. Eat well, get plenty of exercise and avoid smoking and alcohol and you’ll get your rewards.

Good luck!



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