What to Know Before Your First Psychic Reading

If you’re planning to go in for a psychic reading then it’s important to be prepared, know what you want, and take the time to choose a psychic who suits your needs. While there are hundreds of psychics online, it is up to you to choose the discipline and the psychic who can offer you the advice that you need. While there are plenty of psychics out there, you can look around for a reliable website to choose yours from, and then choose the psychic who offers the skills and consultation type that suits your needs.


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Decide What You Want

The very first step is to decide what you want from your psychic reading. What do you want? What do you expect? What do you need to know? Try writing down your questions and going over them. Are these the questions that you want to ask? Are there any questions you could ask that could get you a better answer to the same situation? Consider if a psychic can answer your questions. Some questions cannot or should not be answered, and many psychics simply cannot answer some direct questions like “What will happen on my date tomorrow” or “Will I win the lottery”. Instead, consider questions that are meaningful to you and your future, or your current situation, and ask about those.


Pick the Right Kind of Psychic

Did you know that there are multiple types of psychic abilities? The most common type of psychic is the medium who consults with the dead and spirits of the dead. Some mediums can consult directly with the dead and they are the best sort to contact about the deceased. Others only get vague feelings about the dead and then use other skills, such as astronomy to offer you advice and information regarding your deceased loved ones. If you want to know something about yourself, your relationship, or a question regarding your future then astrology or tarot may be better disciplines to seek out. Alternatively you could look for someone who consults angels to ask direct questions about specific events or relationships. You can also choose a psychic based on the type of questions that they prefer to answer. Many will list preferred fields in their biographies, so you can use this as an easier guide to follow when looking for a psychic.


Do Your Research

It is incredibly important to do your research when choosing a psychic, especially when you look online. Doing your research can mean the difference between paying a fraud for twenty minutes of entertainment and getting a real consultation from a real psychic. Check for reliable sites with a reputation for quality. Many sites actually screen psychics before hire, which means that you get a safer experience when you work with them. For example, a psychic reading from The Circle would be from reliable psychics, while one from a random add on craigslist most definitely is not. Consider checking any reviews available and then looking up each individual psychic before you hire them. A few minutes of research now can save you time and headache later.


Choose the Right Type of Session

Finally, it is very important to choose the right type of psychic session. Some psychics prefer to use email, documents and PDFs to share your results in. Others will send you photos of your Tarot cards, or recorded videos. The best psychic consultations are typically via a live video feed, which is more in the moment and easier to follow for most people. Live chats are the best for anyone who wants to ask more questions after specific questions, and also one of the more genuine experience. However, you can most likely choose which method you prefer, as many offer a choice between the methods most convenient for you. By choosing which method you want, you can more easily find the type of psychic you want and therefore get a better experience.

Sometimes a psychic is quite simply not what you expect. However, you can prevent this by reading any biography information, checking photos and checking any available reviews to see how they present themselves. It is also important to remember that no matter how much you want the information, it is almost never a good idea to rush. It’s always better to wait a bit to get the psychic that you want rather than going with someone you don’t because they are available then. A little patience goes a long way towards ensuring that you leave your consultation happy.

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Megan Flurry spends most of her time writing about the paranormal and psychics as she is fascinated by the subject and has had many psychic readings.


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  1. there is only one psychic I believe the person who told me that I’ll marry to a person whom i’ll cross by a boat.

  2. hmmm, i did this for fun with my kaberks when i was in high school, wonder if what type of psychic were they, but anyway, haven’t done it after since I enjoy life in surprises

  3. I have yet to experience a session with a psychic. I’m not sure if I’d be excited or afraid. This article is very interesting and informative, btw.

  4. My cousin and I used to have our reading by the psychic 🙂 I am glad that most of my readings were right 🙂 It is fun yet scary to know and what to expect that will happen in your life that day or coming days 🙂

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