Learning Horse Riding, a beginner’s guide

Learning to ride a horse can be one of the most exhilarating experiences in one’s life.  My husband said enjoying a horse ride is not as easy as most of us think, and if you consider it as a hobby or a sport you have to get started in knowing the basics of good equitation and become skilled on how to develop good communication with the horse and control the horse’s temperament in order to stay in charge.

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If you are serious in learning the sport of horse riding you first need to consider your health for it requires good body condition as it activates all the groups of muscles in your body so the more fit you are the easier it will be. Strength, balance, body awareness and agility is very much needed to learn this sport and at the same time you must wear the proper equestrian apparel and horse riding gear like riding boots, equestrian helmets, riding breeches, show clothes, saddles, horse blankets and more which can be bought in affordable prices through Equestrian Clearancee sale so you can ride in comfort and safety.

As it is not a sport that can be learned overnight, it is recommended for beginners to find a good horse riding instructor to coach you what you’ll need to get started. Young and old can enjoy the horse world as long as long as you are in shape, with a good coach and attitude.  Expect also to feel some muscle strain when you first start riding.

Learning the correct riding position is the first step to avoid falling off.  The use of helmets, safety stirrups, boots, and chest protectors which the Harry Hall brand offers  are sophisticated, high performance and stylish  gears  can make you feel more confident and will help protect you during a fall.

Lesson horses suitable for your stage learning level and a good arena to ride in are also important considerations. Moreover, knowing how to trot, steer, canter and gallop are some of the fundamental things a horse rider needs to learn.


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  1. I’ve tried to ride a horse in Baguio before, but ended up having the owner of the horse walk with us.. haha. I am scared to go out on my own. 😉

  2. ‘Trot, steer, canter, gallop’ very interesting verbs; but learning to ride is a different story. Still I believe horse-riding is easier to learn than riding a bike, at least for me who has zero balance. Last time I was on horseback was 13 years ago…. 🙂

  3. I have just experience horseback riding in Baguio City, well its a dream fulfilled and its so exited because I am not ready for the experience, but I made it without falling. I am now determined to make it seriously, and go back twice a month.

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