Little red sandals for the tiny paws

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Timmy, our miniature dachshund just turned 5 months.  My husband said he will no longer grow any bigger so my sons and I started to buy him accessories to wear like shirts and lately his ever first shoes, little red sandals for his tiny paws 😀

I was thinking of buying him a pair of boots, however the boots for his paw size were out of stock, so we settled for the red sandals.

We were all excited to fit the sandals on Timmy, as a first timer he felt very uncomfortable and staggered to walk. Yet, after a while he tried walking with his sandals on and since he was not accustomed to wearing a shoe, he walked like a duck, ahaha.  Anyway, in the long run he will also get used to it like wearing his shirt.

He’s been so adorable and sweet to us especially to my husband that whenever my husband comes home from work, Timmy is like a shadow following him wherever he goes.  Moreover, he is a good guard dog too, though tiny yet growling and barking like a Doberman when he sees strangers around.  He is used to taking a daily bath and likes the feel of the water on his body so much.


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