Lord of the Rings – Book Series

The Lord of the Rings book series belong to my treasured book collections. I have read these books years ago but upon seeing them again while I was cleaning one of our bookshelves, I think I’ll read it again 🙂 The story plot is centered on the struggle and fight for the Ring of Power, which was forged by the Dark Lord – Sauron, many years ago. This fantasy adventure had become so famous worldwide that it came out in different translations and editions.

lord of the rings   lord of the rings

lord of the rings  lord of the rings

“The Fellowship of the Ring”, “The Two Towers” and “The Return of the King” trilogy were the best were the major and best works of  R.R.Tolkien and is a sequence of the “The Hobbit”, also by the same author. Reading The Hobbit first before proceeding to the trilogy is recommended to further appreciate and understand the trilogy. The novels belong to an epic genre, don’t be surprised that you may at times be confused by its plots and numerous main and secondary characters.

The Lord of the rings trilogy was first published in 1954-1955, it took more than 10 years for Tolkien to write them after the success of “The Hobbit”.  From then on, the novels became legendary that it became a genuine treasure of the English literature. It’s genre as an epic/fantasy which is based on historical and mythological traditions with a bit of magic.

I really admired Tolkien’s written books, his elaboration of the characters and geographical areas of the past middle-earth in the story were well explained that I even imagine how it looks like, thanks to the movie which gave me an idea of how Frodo and Sam looks like.

Heroic deeds, unity, sincerity and kindness and the triumph of Good over Evil aside from mythical beings and tale of enthralling adventures are the focus in “The Lord of the Rings”

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