Making Ring Choices For Your Beloved and How To Wear Them

There are different rings that you may give to the woman you love. With the variety of styles available, choosing can sometimes be difficult. In some cases, you may even need to ask your lady love what she wants. Once you have an idea, speak to a trusted jeweller about the styles and looks that she loves. Here are more points that could help you.

Choose The Right Size

Make sure that the ring you choose will fit her ring finger. The width of the band should match her hand, and the diamond set on it must match the style you have chosen. You can also create a custom engagement ring setting by CAD design with the help of your chosen jeweller. By doing so, she will have something that is made especially for her. Seeing her wearing it will make you feel that your love for each other is brought together.

Choose The Diamonds

If you want to go down the custom route, choose diamonds according to your preference and budget. Diamonds come in different carat weights, size, shape and colours. It is best to choose a diamond that you believe gives you the most definitive look for your lady love. Your lady love, just like all other women, would like to wear a ring that no one else is wearing, and she will be given that opportunity when you give her one of these rings. Allow your lady love to live a life with a ring that makes her feel special every second. Coloured diamonds are available, and specialty cut diamonds are popular these days.

Selecting Wedding Bands

If she already has her engagement ring, you might be thinking about your wedding bands now. The style of your wedding bands don’t have to be the same. You can choose a design that will complement each other’s rings. For her band, choose one that will look beautiful when worn with the engagement ring you gave her. Ensure that the wedding band will match or complement her engagement ring especially if she wants to wear these two rings at the same time.

How To Wear The Rings

The engagement and wedding rings can be worn in any order she prefers. There are women who prefer to wear the wedding ring on their ring finger first while there are also those that prefer to wear the engagement ring first and then the wedding band, just like what was done during the wedding ceremony.

Final Thoughts

You will be able to create an amazing ring set when you work with the right jeweller. You can choose diamonds and other precious stones to make it look more perfect. You will be pleased knowing that you gave her rings that she will love. You will not be the only one who’s happy too. Your lady love will also feel magical and special every day with her ring.

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